Popular Singer Jazzy B’s Twitter Account Withheld In India

Popular singer Jazzy B’s Twitter account has been withheld by Twitter India. On opening his account, it states that the account has been withheld in response to a legal demand. Jazzy B was an active user of Twitter and this sudden withholding of his account is surprising everyone. 

The action has been very swift and sudden by Twitter India. Jazzy B has never been warned or we have never seen a disturbing tweet by the artist. The action by Twitter India is raising questions among Twitterati. 

There have been no official statements by any parties. Jazzy B hasn’t yet reacted to the issue. Twitter India is also numb on the issue and has not offered a reason behind the action and hasn’t answered people’s questions.

Jazzy B is a huge Punjabi artist and withholding of his account isn’t a normal thing. The issue is surely going to have various reactions by the industry soon. Jazzy B might also make an official statement and Twitter India might also come up with a reason soon. All the reactions and statements regarding the issue will be covered and our audience will be kept updated on the issue for sure. 

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