Do You Know Crying Has Positive Effects On Human Body? Read How It Helps

Nobody likes to cry, especially in front of others. Crying often leaves individuals feeling vulnerable and at times even broken or weak. However, when it comes to crying, there is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, crying offers many different health benefits that may cause some to argue that we should be crying more often.

Interestingly, humans are the only animals to cry tears. This article explores why we cry and what health benefits crying may have.

Why Do Humans Cry?

It’s a very common and interesting question why do humans cry after all. There are no specific answers as Scientists give different answers to this. Whenever a person becomes emotional due to something, tears come out of his eyes. And a person can be emotional either in sorrow or out of happiness as well.

Not only this, but some scientists also believe that a hormone named testosterone is closely related to our crying. People who have less testosterone cry more. It is also said, women cry more than men. Women cry an average of 3.5 times a month, while men 1.9 times. The reason behind this can be hormonal changes in their body, social and psychological reasons.

Benefits Of Crying

Have you ever noticed that you generally feel a little better after letting yourself have a good cry? That’s because bottling up our emotions with no outlet can be bad for our health. Studies have referred to this as repressive coping, which is associated with a weak immune system. 

Crying helps in lightening up our stress. Secondly, crying releases hormones like oxytocin and chemicals like endorphins into the body that help improve mood and ease the pain. Last but not the least, whether conscious or not, crying is a way to meet our needs. When we cry with friends or family, it lets them know that we require comfort and care.

Source: PennMedicine

So, next time you feel your lip begin to quiver and your eyes begin to fill, don’t hold it in! Let it all out and enjoy all of the health benefits those tears have to offer! 

But if you find yourself crying excessively and uncontrollably frequently and if it has started affecting your daily activities, then seek professional help from a professional. It may be a sign of depression or any other mental issues. 

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