Preet Harpal Removed The Selective Part From His Song HOSTEL After Brahmins Took Offense

Punjabi Industry is an industry which is connected with multiple controversies. Various singers and artists get into new or old controversies. While some of them do it on purpose and poke controversial elements, others get involved unintended. 

Recently also, Preet Harpal got tangled in an unexpected controversy due to his song Hostel.

Hostel was released recently on YouTube and it had a lyrical part that poked and disappointed the Brahmin community.

The song triggered the Brahmins as it’s lyrics compared sikh rituals with Hindu rituals. 

The pandit and brahmin community showed offense and asked Preet to delete the song and feel sorry for what he has done.

The offended fans shared their hurt feelings on social media and in fact Pardeep Menon, the state chairman of Brahmin Sabha Punjab also sent a written complaint to the SSP.

After receiving so much outrage, Preet Harpal bowed down and apologized. He has recently shared an Instagram post in which he has released his statement and apologized from the Brahmin community. 

He revealed that he has removed the selective part from the song and he in no way intended to hurt the feelings of any community or individual. He ended the post by writing,

“I apologize from all brahmin samaaj, specifically haryana k bhai behn. Jiske bhi man ko thes lagi ho. Parmatma aap ka hmesha khyal rkh apka apna @preet.harpal”. 

Though Preet Harpal has kept the comment section on his recent and apology post off, the fans are commenting on the official video of the song on YouTube and sharing the song sounds so much better now.

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