Pregnant Pakistani Woman Nailed Hammer Into Her Head To ‘Guarantee’ Baby Boy

A horrific incident has taken place in Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. In the heinous incident, a woman of Peshawar has been admitted to the hospital with a nail hammered into her head, on the direction of a fake ‘peer’ (faith healer), in order to give birth to a baby boy.

Reports of Dawn suggest, while getting an X-ray, it can be seen that the 5cm nail had pierced the top of the woman’s forehead but missed her brain. The mother of three daughters said she was pregnant with another girl, the doctor added.

The woman initially told hospital staff she had hammered the nail into her head herself on the advice of the faith healer, before later saying he had carried out the act. 

It is said that the victim was allegedly threatened by her husband to give birth to a boy, and that he would abandon her if she gave birth to a fourth girl. “She was fully conscious, but was in immense pain,” said doctor Haider Khan, who removed the spike.

Peshawar police are trying to track down the woman to question him. Further, CCPO Abbas Ahsan said that a special team had been constituted to “bring to justice the fake peer (faith healer) who played with the life of an innocent woman and put a nail in her head with the false promise of a male child.”

Meanwhile, the doctor was not clear on whether a peer had hammered the nail into her skull or if she did it to herself.

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