Is Preity Zinta’s Real Name “Pritam Singh”? Here’s What The Actress Says

Is Preity Zinta’s Real Name “Pritam Singh”? Here's What The Actress Says

Who doesn’t know Bollywood’s beautiful actress Preity Zinta? The actress has given many hit films to Hindi cinema. She has appeared in popular films including ‘Veer-Zara’, ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, ‘Koi… Mil Gaya’Ll and many more. 

She has fans all over the country. Recently Preity has shared a video on Instagram regarding her name. The actress is seen giving a clarification regarding it. But why? Let’s see..

Preity Zinta Issues A Clarification Regarding Her Name

Preity shared  video on her X account in which she said, “Hi everyone. So I’m here because a lot of people keep asking me if Preity Zinta is my real name or if it is Pritam Singh Zinta. So I just want to make it clear that Pritam Singh Zinta was never my name. I don’t know how it’s made to Google and how it’s made to Wikipedia. My real name has always been Preity Zinta. And now, I have added a G to it. G for Goodenough, but since it’s too long, one G is good enough for me. So now, I’m Preity G Zinta and I made sure I didn’t add the G in the end. Otherwise, it would have been Preity Zinta G. So, it’s just Preity G Zinta. I hope that makes it clear. So my name was always Preity and wherever and whoever has put it out there that it was Pritam Singh Zinta, I don’t know, it’s just made up. I hope that clears everything. Bye.”

While sharing the video, Preity Zinta has told that Bobby Deol used to call her Pritam on the sets of ‘Soldier’. Preity wrote, “Today I read an article in the media that my real name is Pritam Singh Zinta, so I couldn’t help myself. I want to tell you that this is fake news. The truth is that Bobby Deol on the sets of our film Soldier, used to jokingly call me Pritam Singh.”

Is Preity Zinta’s Real Name “Pritam Singh”? Here's What The Actress Says

According to Preity the film became a hit and their friendship deepened and this name stuck with her so much that it is not leaving her behind till now. 

She further explains that from then till today she has become  tired of saying that her real name is Preity Zinta and she did not change her name after entering the film industry. 

In the end she hopes that the media will correct their mistakes after this clarification.

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