Prem Dhillon Allegedly Attacked By Gur Chahal During Live Show, Video Goes Viral

A video is being widely circulated all over social media wherein Prem Dhillon can be seen being attacked by a person during a live show. The attacker is being allegedly identified as none other than a member of the famous Beeba Boys Group, Gur Chahal. 

According to Kiddaan’s exclusive sources, the incident took place at the Balachaur village. Punjabi artists Prem Dhillon, Sippy Gill and Sultan were invited to perform at the village after a Kabaddi match. It had hardly been 10 minutes since Prem’s arrival when the incident took place.

The viral video shows Prem carrying out his performance casually while the man claimed to be Gur Chahal, approaches him from behind. He pulls Prem Dhillon in an attempt to turn his face towards him and then goes on to slap him. Sippy Gill can also be seen present on the stage during the incident. After the attack attempt, the attacker is immediately taken backstage by the crowd on the stage and the show is brought to a standstill.

Many videos also went viral shortly after this incident. The videos allegedly show the aftermath of the incident. The attacker is seen walking out of the show topless with blood all over his face. He can be seen being pushed by the public and taken out of the show.

It hasn’t yet been revealed why the attack took place. It is being widely circulated that the attacker is none other than Gur Chahal. He belongs to the Beeba Boys Group and Sultan, who was present at the show, also belongs to the same group. 

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