Prem Dhillon’s New Song, an Ode to Sidhu Moosewala; Has a Very Special Story Behind

Prem Dhillon is a Punjabi singer who is quite popular amongst the youth. His famous songs like Old Skool, Lost Love, Shah Ji etc were complete bangers.  For 2 months Prem Dhillon was very silent about his upcoming releases and now recently he is back to the trending headlines. And now, he released a new song named Nobody Knows. 

Prem Dhillon’s new track ‘Nobody Knows’ was released on July 14, 2023. He uploaded the poster and wrote “Negativity a mere naam nal boldi ….NOBODY KNOWS #tmrw @musicbyrass @goldmediaa”

Later he uploaded another post with the caption “NOBODY KNOWS #outnow @musicbyrass @mmdesignss @goldmediaa”.

This is a very special song as it gives out a very deep message and is based on a story that is not known to everyone. He dedicated his song to Sidhu Moosewala and expressed that how Sidhu helped in moving forward in the industry. He showed his gratitude towards the late singer and thanked him for his support. Fans are very excited and are flooding the comment section with their love and support.

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