Price Of The ‘Miss Universe’ Crown? Here Are 10 Things That Harnaaz Sandhu Won Along With The Title

Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu re-wrote history on 12 December, 2021, when she became the third Indian ever to be crowned ‘Miss Universe’. The Miss Universe 2021 brought the crown back home after a long wait of 21 years. Sushmita Sen was the first ever Indian to win the title in 1994 and Lara Dutta won it in 2000. 

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Harnaaz Sandhu was crowned by the former Miss Universe, Andrea Meza. In a moment that Harnaaz would never forget all her life, Andrea Meza placed the prestigious crown on Harnaaz’s head and she was declared The Miss Universe 2021. However, the crown does not only hold the title and a huge amount of respect. Its original cost would give anybody a headache for life. The Miss Universe Crown is valued at a whopping $5 Million, which is roughly equal to 37.96 crore INR at the moment! 

The crown is however just a loan and Harnaaz wouldn’t get to take it back home, but instead get to wear it on special occasions. The “Mouawad Miss Universe Power of Unity Crown” was first used in 2019 and is, to date, the most expensive crown ever used. It consists of 1,770 diamonds set in 18-karat gold! 

Miss Universe is an annual international Beauty pageant and it is run by the US-based Miss Universe Organization. It is among the ‘Big Four International Beauty Pageants’ along with Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth. Many of you would be curious about what a ‘Miss Universe’ wins apart from the title! Provided the competition is one of the most prestigious beauty contests in the world, the winner is sure to get grand lavishing prizes

Here Is A List Of Things That A ‘Miss Universe’ Wins, Apart From The Title:

1. Six-figure Salary

The Miss Universe gets a six-figure salary as a prize for winning the competition. However, the Miss Universe Organization has their mouth zipped about the cash prize of the beauty competition.

2. Stay At Miss Universe Apartment

The Miss Universe also gets a one-year stay at the prestigious Miss Universe Apartment located in New York, U.S.A. The Apartment is generally shared by Miss America and Miss Universe.

3. Groceries, Transport Etc.

During Miss Universe’s one-year stay at the Miss Universe Apartment, New York, groceries, transport and similar facilities are provided to her.

4. A Team Of Assistants & Artists

The Miss Universe is also provided with an always-ready team of assistants, makeup artists and other workers.

5. Supply Of Beauty Products

The Miss Universe also gets a free supply of makeup, hair products, skin care products, jewelry, shoes, clothes for a whole year.

6. Best Photographers

The Miss Universe also gets a chance to work with the Best Photographers around the world, to build her modeling portfolio.

7. Various Services

Various services like dental care, professional styling, nutrition and much more, all-for-free!

8. Entry To Parties, Events

The Miss Universe also gets a free ticket to some of the most prestigious events, exclusive parties, premieres, screenings and castings.

9. Traveling privileges

The Miss Universe also gets all the paid traveling privileges like traveling expenses, hotel accommodation, food etc. all for free.

10. Traveling the world

The Miss Universe gets a chance to travel to any corner of the world, FOR FREE!

So, winning the Miss Universe doesn’t actually win you the ‘Universe’ but surely gets you perks that no one else in the universe gets. The title also comes with various responsibilities for the winner like attending special events, meetings etc. but it’s just a price you pay to be called the ‘Miss Universe’ and to be honest, it seems to be a pretty good deal.

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