Primitive Canadians And Immigrant Grooved And Shared Traditional Dance Steps With Each Other

Social media undoubtedly is a place that is equally positive and negative. It gives us chills thrills, smile and even tears. But what we have discovered today will make your heart happy and smile broader. 

In a viral video on social media, Two different Canadian groups; the new Immigrants and the Indigenous are seen who are separated by land and culture but united by art which in this case is dance.

The video shows a group of Bhangra dancers who met the native Canadians and discovered an interesting similarity in their traditional dance forms. 

Kunwardeep, a member of the Bhangra team said,

‘Almost all the steps are in common and there is one more thing to it, both the dance forms include drumming, singing and dancing together at one time.’

They showcase their traditional dance moves to each other and stepped in to join one another. This clip has created a very positive vibe among aboriginal Canadians and immigrants and spread a message of harmony across the world.

Netizens are appreciating the video and quoting, ‘This was much needed’.

Have a look at the IGTV video posted by CBC Gem on their Instagram page, it will surely make your day brighter.

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