Prince Narula Comes Out In Open Support Of Parmish Verma In His Controversy With Sharry Maan

Prince Narula Comes Out In Open Support Of Parmish Verma In His Controversy With Sharry Maan`

The Parmish-Sharry wedding controversy has taken over the Punjabi industry. While the public was excited about their favourite superstar, Parmish Verma finally getting married to the love of his life Geet Grewal, the wedding turned out to be something else. Now, Prince Narula, a popular face in the Indian TV world, has come out in open support of Parmish Verma through his social media. He uploaded an Instagram story to extend his support.

Sharry Maan, a close friend of Parmish, who was also a guest at the marriage, walked out disappointed. He decided to express his disappointment to the public through his social media. And the 5-year old strong bond of friendship between Parmish and Sharry slowly started sliding away. Sharry’s stories were then followed by a reply by Parmish. Both the stars kept on replying to each other through their social media and at the end, it felt like the friendship we all adored, was finally over.

Why Is Sharry Maan Disappointed After Attending Parmish Verma’s Wedding? Said, I’m Not A Reporter

Parmish seemed to be extremely angry about Sharry abusing his family on social media. In his stories, Parmish wrote that he won’t tolerate a word against his mother now. He also went on to write that he doesn’t want to be friends with somebody who abuses his mother. The public was, too, divided on the issue. One side believed Sharry was right on his point because being a close friend, he couldn’t fulfil his dreams that he had with Parmish’s wedding. However, the other side considered Parmish to be right on his part as Sharry went over the line during his interaction with the fans.

Friendship Comes To An End: Parmish Verma’s Final Reply To Sharry Maan On Wedding Controversy

The Punjabi industry has mostly been quiet about the issue. TV personality Prince Narula has come out in support of Parmish Verma. The star uploaded an Instagram story and stated that Parmish was completely right on his part, and also went on to mock Sharry Maan. Prince Narula has been a part of various reality TV shows like Bigg Boss, MTV Roadies, Splitsvilla, Nach Baliye and has come out as a winner in all of them. 

After the public, celebrities have started taking sides on the issue. Seeing the latest progressions in the fight, it seems impossible that the two will be getting back together any time soon. It is to see what the future beholds for the on-the-edge friendship of both the stars.

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