Princepal Singh From Punjab Selected By Sacramento Kings For California League

Princepal Singh From Punjab Selected By Sacramento Kings For California League

India has made long paces in the NBA in recent years. And one of the players from India has been making headlines all around the globe. Princepal Singh Bajwa, most likely to play in the NBA. The 6 foot-9 power forward / centre Princepal Singh hailed from Dera Baba Nanak village in Gurdaspur District, Punjab is being examined as the next Poster image for Indian basketball in the coming years. 

With his current accomplishments, in a couple of years, now he has made it to Sacramento Kings. Following one season with the G League’s development program, the India basketball star will have the opportunity to compete for an NBA roster spot.

In the coming years we might see him in the NBA alongside Lebron James, Anthony Davis and James Harden– the young Star’s role model and inspiration. Even the thought that an Indian player playing against Lebron James in the future blows our mind.

Princepal Singh, a young rising star from India made it to the NBA. A player needs to have the best skillset, strong impulses, strength and a high level of athletic fitness. Principal definitely has all of the following but the thing that crosses out is his confidence and his belief in himself. As at the age of 16, when he was asked about the goal of his life, without hesitation he replied “I am going to play in the NBA”. Princepal Singh is probably the spark that Indian basketball needs right now. Some people insist that he might not even make the NBA as he started playing at a very late age of 14 years. 

Well, it doesn’t matter when he started playing, look at him now crushing opposite teams at the NBA global academy in Australia. 

Now all eyes are on Singh who might dazzle the crowd while playing at the NBA shortly.

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