Principal Hangs Student Upside Down From School Balcony In UP, Complaint Registered

Principal Hangs Student Upside Down From School Balcony In UP, Complaint Registered

A viral picture from Mirzapur District in Uttar Pradesh shows the principal of a school hanging a student from the first-floor. In the picture, the principal is holding the young child just by his leg and suspending him in air from the first floor of the building.

According to the reports, the incident is from the Sadbhavna Shikshan Sansthan Junior High School in Ahraura, Mirzapur, UP. The principal’s name is Manoj Vishwakrma and the child suspended by him was Sonu Yadav. Sonu is a five-year old student, who studies in class 2nd at the school. 

As of now, a complaint has been filed against the accused principal on the orders of District Magistrate Praveen Kumar Laxkar. He also ordered the basic education officer to investigate the matter from inside. As per the reports, the principal hanged the 5-year old from the school’s balcony as a punishment for being ‘naughty while eating’. The student even begged and screamed for forgiveness but the principal forcibly grabbed him by the leg and hanged him. The whole incident was caught on camera and went viral on social media in no time.

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Sonu Yadav’s father Ranjit Yadav said that his son had gone to eat golgappas with his friends and they were being a little naughty during that. But the principal gave such a horrific punishment to my child for just a naughty act and it could even have endangered my son’s life, said the father. 

We had only seen how wild Mirzapur was in the Amazon Prime’s web series but it looks like it is no different in real-life too. The photo is enough to give chills to anybody watching it. Nowadays, strict punishments have become a trend in private schools. Do you also think that schools are exceeding the definition of punishment and turning them into life threatening acts, just like in the case of Sonu Yadav?

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