Puaada Movie Review: This Will Take You To A Laughter Journey To Remember

Cast: Ammy Virk, Sonam Bajwa, Anita Devgan, Hardeep Gill, Balwinder Bullet and more.

Directed By: Rupinder Chahal

After a long wait, the awaited movie Puaada has finally hit the theatres and we are glad to state that the movie is a complete entertainer. From beginning to the end, it makes you experience ups and downs of emotions and excitement, but the only thing that remains constant is the doses of laughter.

Everyone knows that no other Film Industry can beat the Punjabi Film Industry in making comedy movies, and somehow adding great humor in movies of other genres too. And Puaada is an example of the same.

The movie stars the versatile Virk i.e. Ammy Virk and the very beautiful Sonam Bajwa in the lead roles, and amazing actors like Anita Devgan, Hardeep Gill, Seema Kaushal, Nisha Bano, Balwinder Bullet and more in supporting roles. Starting with the characters only, we are really happy with the fact that every character was highlight and had a great impact on the audience. Undoubtedly the lead are supposed to be the best and indeed they were, but personally, we are impressed with the character of Hardeep Gill who played Sonam’s father in the movie. Since he played an Air Force Officer, it was known and obvious from the very first scene that he is strict and too disciplined. Interestingly Ammy has to impress him to marry Sonam Bajwa, but his every attempt fails miserably and end up creating a new Puaada we can say. The character which we’ve fallen in love with is of Seema Kaushal who played Sonam’s mother, because she was cute, funny and extremely sweet. Every Time she’ll be on the screens, she will bring a broad smile to your face.

Since this movie is a romantic comedy if specified, it was really successful, and we can assure this by the fact that the cheers and laughter in the theatre hall were loud and amazing. 

Talking about the plot and overall watching experience of the movie, Puaada makes sure that you’re entertained throughout and at no point you feel you’re missing out on any amazing stuff. As already mentioned and expected, the actors are amazing, the plot is entertaining, and what we have not discussed yet is its really impressive cinematography and music. For us personally, it’s very important how a shot looks on screen and for this we have to appreciate the skills of Anshul Chobey’s too good cinematography and Rupinder Chahal’s direction. And when we are especially talking about the review of Puaada, we cannot miss out talking about the scene where the troublemakers hit Sonam and then Ammy. This small scene was emotional, and strong enough to pause everything going around you. 

Though the movie was a great experience, we mentioned it earlier that with ups, it had some downs as well. The first half of the movie is flawless and will make you feel completely entertained, but it’s after the interval when it gets a little slow which makes your involvement a little bit down. But, there is still a lot that managed to keep the audience engaged. We are impressed with how the climax and as the movie steps towards the end work together to lift the movie once again. Once again the cheers were loud and the audience was excited. And for this, the credit also goes to the amazing background score. And this also reminds us of applauding the playlist and amazing music of the movie. 

So, by now we are sure we have convinced you to accept that Puaada really is an amazing movie, especially when you’re looking forward to watching something to relax your stressed-out schedule and the usual daily routine. If we would have to describe Puaada is a single phrase it would be ‘Paisa Wasool’. 

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