Puneet Superstar Chemistry Teacher: Truth Behind The Viral Photo?

Puneet Superstar Chemistry Teacher

If you’re using Instagram and love to scroll through reels every day, we are sure you know who Puneet Superstar is. what he actually does in his day-to-day life.

From few months, he was going viral for his eviction from Bigg Boss and the charity work he does to feed poor children in local areas.

But now, the reason behind the virality is different. Recently, a photo of Puneet Superstar went viral on social media. In this photo, he can be seen teaching chemistry to a bunch of students in a classroom.

The netizens are in shock after seeing this image of Lord Puneet. People are wondering when he started teaching the toughest subject of our Indian education.

The Truth Behind Puneet Superstar Chemistry Teacher Image

The photo of Puneet Superstar teaching chemistry was first uploaded to the Reddit group JEENEETards. Later, it was marked with the tag of ‘Low quality or Insensitive Meme / Repost’ by the group owner.

Puneet Superstar Chemistry Teacher

Then the user who uploaded this photo deleted it in the next few hours. And the user’s account was also deleted from the Reddit platform. The reason is still unknown to everyone.

You can see it in the screenshot below:

A user named Prince8bx also posted the same image on Twitter 16 hours ago and captioned it,” So it was chemistry jisne iss bande ka mansik santulan kharab kiya tha”.

This tweet reached to 145k users in just a single day.

The same image was then uploaded by popular meme page Sarcaster on Instagram.

For now, the truth behind the viral image of Puneet Superstar Chemistry Teacher is still unknown. From the first view, the image looks real and un-edited. 

Some people are saying that he was used to teach students from 2016 to 2017. But there is not a single piece of evidence to support these types of comments.

The social media team of Puneet Superstar has also not commented on this viral image.

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