Punjab: AAP Govt Dissolves 20 Welfare Boards, New Chairpersons To Be Appointed Soon.

With the change in regime in any state, the newly elected govt focuses on the welfare boards on priority. These boards are actually set up for the welfare of various sections and communities in the state, with several chairpersons from those sections/communities.

In Punjab, the AAP government on Thursday has decided to dissolve as many as 20 welfare boards with immediate effect. Cabinet Minister Dr Balbir Kaur has said that soon new functionaries will be nominated to these boards.

“These boards set up for the welfare of various communities will be reconstituted soon with the appointment of new office-bearers, persons familiar with the development”, said Minister Dr. Balbir Kaur.

The board that have been dissolved are: Kamboj Welfare Board, Bazigar and Tapprivas Welfare Board, Brahman Welfare Board, Khatri Arora Welfare Board, Dalit Welfare Board, Rai Sikh Welfare Board, Rajput Kalayan Welfare Board, Vimukat Welfare Board and Prajapat Welfare Board.

Saini Welfare Board, Ramgarhia Welfare Board, Aggarwal Welfare Board, Gujjar Welfare Board, Bairagi Welfare Board, Swarankar Welfare Board, Sain Welfare Board, Punjab Muslim Welfare Board, Parvasi Welfare Board, Kanojia Welfare Board and Masih Bhalai Board too have been dissolved. Earlier these boards were having the chairpersons appointed by the erstwhile Congress govt. Now with dissolving of these 20 welfare boards, it is expected that the AAP govt will be appointing some of its MLAs and maybe other leaders & intellectuals as the new chairpersons and vice-chairpersons of these boards.

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