Punjab And Haryana High Court’s Notice To Punjab On Daler Mehndi’s Plea Against Conviction

Regarding a plea filed by Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi challenging his conviction in a cheating case, the Punjab and Haryana High Court today issued a notice of motion to Punjab. High Court Justice Gurvinder Singh Gill responded with a notice on Mehndi’s request to suspend the two-year sentence handed down to him by a trial court in the case.

Advocates Shobit Phutela, Arshdeep Singh Cheema, and senior lawyer RS Cheema, on account of singer Daler Mehndi, argued that a manifest injustice occurred because the trial judge failed to thoroughly, critically, and impartially review the evidence in the record. Cheema argued, that unfortunately, the courts below did not carefully review the evidence.

A quick review of the appellate opinion “discloses a failure to carefully scrutinise material and to deal with the evidence in a highly cursory manner, which is also partisan,” said Advocate Arshdeep Singh Cheema.

Advocate Arshdeep Cheema further claimed that the petitioner had been purposefully targeted for extortion among other unrelated motives, and that the courts below had neglected to consider the allegations against him using the standard of probability despite the fact that it was the “only reliable test in a case of one-sided orchestrated oral evidence of deeply interested witnesses.”

Senior Deputy Advocate General VG Jauhar accepted the notice issued by Justice Gill. The next hearing in the case will take place on September 15.

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