Punjab Govt. Denied Announced Jobs & Cash Prizes To Deaf Players, Says Int’l Chess Champion Malika Handa

The first Indian Woman to ever win a gold medal in the International Deaf Chess Championship, Malika Handa, was recently seen bashing the Punjab government for failing to fulfill their promises. She put serious allegations on the government for allegedly denying previously announced rewards to the sportspersons.

Expressing her extreme grief and disappointment from the Punjab government, Malika Handa tweeted that the government had promised and even announced cash rewards and a job to deaf sports persons but later denied saying that they do not have a policy for Deaf Sports. “Why were they announced if there wasn’t a policy?”, questioned Malika Handa.

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She also alleged that she met the present Sports Minister Pragat Singh on 31 December and had a chat with him on the issue. She asked him about the rewards and the Minister said that they were announced by the ex-minister and the present government does not have a policy for these rewards. 

Malika Handa revealed that she was even invited for the cash prize saying that she has the letter of invitation by the Punjab government which was later canceled due to COVID. She was deeply hurt by the incident and wrote that the government had failed to fulfill the promises made to her. She tweeted a video of her displaying various medals and trophies she had won in her decorated International and national Chess career and questioned the Punjab government. 

There has been no reaction from the government on Malika Handa’s allegations. The news has since gone viral and her video is being widely shared all over social media.

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