“Punjab Is … Hub Of Terroristic Activities…”: Kangana Ranaut Over PM Modi’s Security Lapse

On Wednesday, 5 January, Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned back from Punjab without addressing a rally after his convoy got stuck in a road blockade near Hussainiwala. The security lapse occurred when the PM was traveling by road from Bathinda to National Martyrs Memorial in Hussainiwala. To this, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut took to social media and has strongly reacted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security breach in Punjab. 

Criticizing the incident, she called PM Modi as a ‘democratically elected leader and a representative or voice for 1.4 billion people.’ She said that an attack on such a leader was an ‘attack on every Indian.’

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Her Instagram story reads, “What happened in Punjab is shameful, Honourable Prime Minister is democratically elected leader/representative/voice of 1.4 billion people, an attack on him is an attack on every single Indian… it is an attack on our democracy itself, Punjab is becoming a hub for terroristic activities if we don’t stop them now nation will have to pay a big price”

Further, the actress also used the hashtag ‘Bharat stands with Modiji.’

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Meanwhile, speaking of security breach incidents. As per various reports, the Prime Minister’s convoy was stuck on the flyover for 15-20 minutes as the leader was on his way from Bathinda to Hussainiwala National Martyrs’ Memorial in Ferozepur. This was after a group of farm protestors blocked the road in front of him.

Source: Hindustan Times & News18

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