Punjab: Junior Nat’l-Level Boxer Kuldeep Singh Allegedly Dies Of ‘Drug Overdose’ In Talwandi Sabo

The cases of deaths of drug addiction is a matter of serious concern in Punjab. Kuldeep Singh (22) alias Deep Dhaliwal, a junior national-level boxer, five times medal winner including 2 golds, lost his life due to drug overdose in Talwandi Sabo, Punjab. 

As per the media reports, Kuldeep’s coach Harshdeep Singh said, “he left his house on Wednesday at 11 AM. The family began searching for him after he didn’t return until late at night and his phone was not reachable. On Rama Road, his body was discovered in a field close to a water channel.”

Reportedly, a syringe was found near Kuldeep’s body, after which, it’s suspected that he died due to drug overdose. On the other hand, Kuldeep’s family claimed that he was not a drug addict and that the “syringe” found near his body may have diverted the attention, suspecting foul play. 

However, it’s not clear yet whether Kuldeep died due to drug overdose or there’s a different picture behind the curtains as suspected by his family members, but the youth falling prey to drugs is one of the biggest issues in the border state of Punjab. 

The video of Kuldeep’s dead body lying in the field near a water channel is going viral across the social media platforms. While the media reports claim that Kuldeep died of drug overdose, citing the syringe recovered near his body, his family members have denied the allegation.

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