Punjab: Police SP Arrested, Accused Of Raping A Pregnant Lady From Gurdaspur

Rising crime against the women is a matter of concern today, moreover when the police officials, who are to protect the public, are found indulge in such heinous acts. As per the information, Punjab police SP Gurmeet Singh, posted in Gurdaspur, has been arrested by the SIT on Monday. He has been accused of raping a pregnant lady.

The matter came into light in April this year, when a  woman from Dinanagar, filed a complaint against SP Gurmeet Singh. To investigate the case, an SIT was formed, headed by SSP Swarandeep Singh. The SIT, after arresting SP Gurmeet Singh, has stated that he has been arrested on the basis of the inquiry. 

Though SP Gurmeet Singh defended himself, questioning if the she was allegedly raped in April, why did she file a complaint after a month in May? Meanwhile the SIT has cleared that due the family disputes, she was not in the position to file a complaint against the SP that time. 

Reportedly, the woman was going through some family disputes and lodged a complaint on the same matter. According to the FIR, SP Gurmeet Singh took advantage of the situation and promised to woman take strict action against her husband. 

The SIT accused SP Gurmeet Singh of taking advantage of his position to rape the victim. As per the SIT, the SP made physical relations twice with her when she was pregnant. He even used to send her vulgar message and threaten her, as per the FIR. Now the SIT has arrested SP Gurmeet Singh.

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