Punjab Police To Use Artificial Intelligence To Ensure Road Safety And Prevent Accidents

Artificial Intelligence has been helping people in countless ways. It is like having a digital brain or having a smart friend on your computer or laptop. AI has been helping doctors find treatments and diagnosis for their patients, engineers make gadgets, traffic police to control the traffic and many more. 

Making the best use of AI, Punjab Police’ traffic department has recently signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with 4 different organizations to ensure safer and efficient transportation and commuting on the roads. 

These organizations are MapMyIndia, Punjab-based SAFE Society, Gurugram-based Intozi Tech Pvt. Ltd. and Jaipur-based Muskaan Foundation.

This decision has been taken ahead of the launch of the Punjab police’s Sadak Surakhya Force. SSF is a special Police team which is dedicated to ensure road safety and effectively chasing the criminals.

ADGP AS Rai said that these companies will use scientific approaches to foster a culture of scientific knowledge in order to provide road safety and implement traffic management strategies.

On the other hand the use of AI in this will optimize traffic control which will manage traffic and prevent accidents. 

As mentioned by the Free Press Journal, AS Rai shared that “the combined expertise and data exchange would facilitate applied research, which could be used to disseminate research findings for the broader benefit of society. This collaboration will foster innovation and knowledge-sharing in the field of road safety”. 

Dr Navdeep Asija, the Director of Punjab Road Safety and Traffic Research Centre said that this was an initiative of the Punjab Police to bring scientific strategies into road safety. Further, these collaborations will enhance the data driven decision making capabilities within the traffic wing of Punjab Police.

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