How AI Helps Punjab Government to Uncover One Of The Biggest Scam In Punjab; Watch CM’s Statement

Artificial Intelligence is the new normal now. Basically AI understands the user’s interest patterns and collects their data. Using this data, they show such advertisements or feeds to the user for the social media. 

AI is revolutionizing the transportation sector with automated vehicles. AI algorithms help in navigation and traffic management. It also enables maintenance of vehicles, reducing downtime and increasing safety.

Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann in a groundbreaking announcement, lauded the impactful role of Artificial Intelligence. He revealed that the State Government has saved an impressive amount of ₹163.26 crore in road maintenance estimates. This has been possible because of using AI.  The implementation of Al not only optimized resource allocation but also led to the identification of 540 kilometers of non-existent roads. It showcased the technology’s efficiency in streamlining governance

He mentioned that the artificial Intelligence helped them identify non-existent roads preventing accidents. The Lazer stopped soon after the roads ended after which the authorities discovered 540 such roads which were not existing. 

Artificial Intelligence has become increasingly prevalent in various fields and has brought many benefits. The biggest feature of AI is automation and it has had a significant impact on communications, transportation, consumer products and service industries. 

Automation not only increases productivity in these areas, but also leads to more efficient use of raw materials, better product quality, shorter lead times and improved safety. Automation can help free up resources that can be used for more important things.

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