Punjabi Actor Deep Sidhu Arrested In 26 January Violence Case

The events of 26th January, 2021, gave the ongoing farmer’s protest in India a completely new shape. Hundreds of thousands of farmers, after sitting peacefully on the borders of Delhi for more than 2 months, finally decided to take their protests onto the roads and into the heart of the country. The farmer leadership and Delhi police agreed upon a route that was to be taken during this historic tractor rally. The rally started with some rush but everything was going well until a group of protesters started showing interest in breaking the agreed upon route and entering Red fort. What happened next was clashes between police and farmers, sikh religious flag hoisting on an empty flag post on the Red fort, injuries, deaths etc.

Though the events have received mixed responses, punjabi film actor, Deep Sidhu, was considered to be the initiator of the violence. Many people showed support to the event labelling it as “History Recreated” while others condemned religious flag hoisting on a monument of national importance. The Indian media depicted things in a different way to manipulate the minds of their audience. 

Deep Sidhu was considered the prime suspect in the violence and Delhi police went on a lookout for him. The police also announced ₹ 1 lakh prize money on Deep Sidhu’s arrest. Finally, the suspect has been caught, Delhi police told the media. The information was shared by ANI through a tweet. The police also claimed that Deep was in contact with a woman friend, who’s an actress in California, and shared many videos with her, who then uploaded them to facebook.

The arrest of Deep Sidhu marks another important day in the historic protest. Many people who support The actor, claim Sidhu to only be a prey of politics and being used by the government to defame the protest. 

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