Punjabi Actors Who Transformed Their Bodies For Punjabi Movies

The Punjabi film industry is known to be a great source of great entertainment. The industry has released more than 1000 movies till date. While it is mostly known for producing great comedies, great Punjabi folktales, biographies, and dramas have also made their entrance here in recent years. The actors work day and night for the industry to entertain their fans. Also, it requires a lot of dedication and determination put into their performances. While going through a physical transformation is a common trend in the Bollywood Film Industry, it is not a common practice in Punjabi Industry.

But we have decided to appreciate those who put a lot of hard work and dedication in transforming their physical appearances to fit in the characters.

Punjabi Actors Who Transformed Their Bodies

Gippy Grewal

Movie: Subedar Joginder Singh

Gippy Grewal is one of the biggest names in the Punjabi music and film industry at present. The actor played the role of the protagonist in the movie, Subedar Joginder Singh. To look like the Param Vir Chakra Awardee, the actor had to put on some weight. The film was shot at difficult terrains, including some shots being taken at the height of 14000 feet as well. The actor performed most of his stunts himself and managed to put up an excellent performance despite his weight.

Ammy Virk

Movie: Harjeeta

Ammy Virk played the lead role in the movie Harjeeta. Released in 2018, the movie is the biography of an Indian professional hockey player, Harjeet Singh, who maneuvered the 2016 national junior hockey team of the country to a gold medal. The actor lost a large chunk of weight to obtain the perfect physique of a professional athlete. The actor, with the help of his trainer, Sam Dhillon, successfully lost about 22 kgs in the span of a year. The film went on to win the national award for being the Best Punjabi Film of the year.

Diljit Dosanjh

Movie: Sardarji 2

Diljit Dosanjh is another big name in the Punjabi film industry. Though the actor has established himself as a successful Bollywood actor now, it does not hinder his contribution to Punjabi cinema. The actor keeps himself active in the Punjabi cinema too, while coping up with his Bollywood projects. For the movie Sardarji 2, Diljit went through a drastic body transformation in the year 2016. The actor worked hard to entitle himself the proud owner of a six-pack abs body.

Parmish Verma

Movie: Rocky Mental & Singham

Parmish Verma is famous for basically two things, his beard, and his body. The actor has gained a huge fan following among the youth with the help of his lively and matured personality and also has a huge fan base for his ripped physique and style. Parmish also went through a major body transformation for his film Rocky Mental. Released in 2017. the actor made his debut in the Punjabi cinema, bagging the lead role of a rising boxing phenomenon. Representing a boxer, the actor had to be very careful regarding his physique.

Parmish also grabbed the lead role in the Punjabi remake of bollywood hit, Singham. The movie was released in 2019 and the actor had to work hard to get himself in perfect shape. He was representing the DSP of the state in the movie and as such had to be in perfect shape.

Ranjeet Bawa

Movie: Khido Khundi

Ranjit Bawa has gained an image in the Punjabi industry to be an extremely hard-working guy for his roles. But he too found his transformation for the movie Khido Khundi to be the toughest one till date. Released in 2018, the film is another hockey-based movie. Punjabi cinema has had a lot of hockey-related movies, as you may have observed in the article so far and all the actors had to put in everything they got because obtaining the physical body of a professional athlete is not an easy task. Ranjit’s story is no different. The actor said that coming from a rural background, he had always had a fat-rich diet which made maintaining his body extremely difficult. The actor had to go through hard training under veteran hockey player, Sandeep Singh. He had to manage shooting under the scorching sun as well as training at the same time. 

Babbal Rai

Movie: Maa

Babbal Rai has always been known as a fan of well-maintained bodies. The actor is all set to play the role of Divya Dutta’s son in the movie Maa. The shooting for the movie has begun under Gippy Grewal’s production house. Babbal is playing the role of a sportsperson, hence anything below a six-pack abs would feel like a disappointment. The actor revealed his sculpted body by uploading pictures on his official Instagram account. The actor looks ripped and all prepared to play the role of the sportsman in the upcoming movie.

These were few notable transformations Punjabi actors have had. And we must say do remember these transformations next time you feel lazy about working out.

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