Full List Of Punjabi Music Albums Released In 2021

2021 has been a productive year for the Punjabi music industry in many ways. Many singers delivered their finest in the form of singles, a dozen of singers dropped their music albums delivering the best of the best songs through them whereas, a number of new things were also seen taking place in the industry. 

Where some of the vocalists delivered EPs, many others dropped their exaggerated albums with numerous songs from that of 7 to 30 too. From ruling people’s hearts to breaking many records, what not has been done by the artists and their tapes. 

Everybody took part in the albums’ race this year and there might be only a few mainstream artists left behind if we are not wrong. Some of them are still preparing for their tapes after announcing the albums and are in a making phase.

We are sure you haven’t missed any of these below-mentioned albums and if by any chance you did, then here we present the complete list of tapes released this year. 

All 29 Punjabi Music Albums Released In 2021

PS: These albums are not sequenced or ranked on any specific basis.

BacThaFu*Up – Karan Aujla

Karan Aujla’s debut album of the career left everyone blown up. From thrilling collaborations with music director Tru Skool for the entire album and Harjit Harman in Sharab, making it to no. 6 at Spotify World’s Top Debut Album Charts to become the 2nd Indian artist to get his own custom Youtube premier countdown, he did what people wished for. BTFU even peaked on the Indian Apple Music Top Album Charts.

Aujla shot for his tape at various locations including the most talked-about ‘Hollywood’ in California, the album went on to reach the Billboard, ranked 19th at the Top Canadian Album Charts, Aujla became India’s Biggest Digital Artist & grabbed 38th position on the Global Digital Artist Ranking following the success of his first-ever album BTFU. 


Moosetape – Sidhu Moosewala 

The 1st Indian creator to get his own custom made Youtube premier countdown with Moosetape’s 10th song Signed To God, 6 music producers in a single song (Celebrity Killer), 295, the serious facts based song, making it to the no. 1 among the Top 100 Songs Canada on Youtube, collaborating with Indian-American rapper Raja Kumari, Morrison, Stefflon Don & more in Us, IDGAF and Invincible respectively, Sidhu Moosewala broke certain records with his album Moosetape this year. 

Sidhu Moosewala became the 1st ever Indian artist to feature on the Spotify Global X cover which took Moosetape to a whole different level. Sidhu also peaked at the Billboard Top Triller Global Charts with the first song from the 30-songs album, Bitch I’m Back and even found a spot on the Spotify Billboard at Toronto Eaton Centre with this album. 

Moosetape was the longest Punjabi album ever as it ran for almost 3 months with each song releasing each day with videos and recently went on to cross 150 Million plus Spotify streams worldwide and marked 3rd spot among the ‘Top 5 Albums India’ charts. 


MoonChild Era – Diljit Dosanjh 

Tera Ni Mai, Tera Ni Mai Lover is what was and is still heard all over the internet. The foremost achievement of Diljit Dosanjh’s MoonChild Era is that the Bollywood biggies are still forcing themselves to stop from vibing to this track. Diljit Dosanjh became India’s Biggest Digital Artist following the release of MoonChild Era & bagged the 38th position in the world which was the highest-ranked Indian artist at that time. 

Where Lover was the most loved track from the album, it also featured on Apple India’s official website to demo the iWatch’s music control feature. Diljit went on to feature on Toronto Eaton Centre after the album’s release and ruled the social media with Black & White trend. With the most unique music video in the Punjabi industry ever, Diljit Dosanjh collaborated with Ben Griffin, the director of famous song Gucci Gang and succeeded in making his 2021 album the best one. 


Limited Edition – Gippy Grewal 

A 22-song album of Gippy Grewal took everyone back to the 2009 days of the artist as he dropped quite a reheated version of his songs released in that year like ‘Hathyar’ and more. Limited Edition includes a number of collaborations which came out to be amazing to hear which included Gulrej Akhtar, Shipra Goyal & Sultaan. 


Judaa 3 – Amrinder Gill 

Judaa 3 was the much anticipated album of the industry as the audience got to witness an album from Amrinder Gill after a wait of 7 long years. Judaa 2 was the last album by Amrinder Gill and the next in 2021 was the third part of Judaa series. Gill dropped his bests through the album and got everyone hooked to his sugary voice in the songs. 

Amrinder Gill announced the album, Judaa 3, to be released in 2 chapters. Chapter 1 got released this year now is the wait for Chapter 2. 


Hidden Gems – AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill & Shinda Kahlon

Without any pre-announcement or anticipation, ‘Brown Munde’ dropped an EP with 6 songs in it. Just after its release the trio headed for the world tour and first of it in India where they goose fleshed everyone. Bollywood actors Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt too reached in their live concert where they were seen enjoying the show to the fullest. A huge amount of public was visible in the trio’s concert. 


Next Chapter – Dilpreet Dhillon 

With over 100 Million views, Dilpreet Dhillon’s first song from the album, Jatt Te Jawani featured Karan Aujla in yet another collaboration with the artist and garnered a lot of love from the netizens and Punjabi music lovers worldwide. Other than this Dhillon had many exciting collaborations in the album including Deepak Dhillon, Desi Crew and Narinder Bath. 


Above All – Jassa Dhillon 

With ‘Raule’ and ‘Talja’ in Above All, Jassa Dhillon’s debut album became a superhit, people were often seen making the best use of this album’s songs by making reels and videos on the sounds. Even Ranveer Singh was spotted listening to Jassa Dhillon’s album in an IG story posted by him. Among the 10 songs, ‘Teekhe Nain’ was a unique one as it was a Haryanavi song in collaboration with Baani Sandhu. 


Astaad G – Elly Mangat 

Elly Mangat released his 25-song long album in June this year and has over 6 million views. The album earlier got deleted from Youtube due to the copyright claim by a lyricist from Ludhiana for using his penned lyrics in his song named ‘Jinne Mere Naal De’. However, the album was later restored on Youtube. 


Nothing Like Before – Gur Sidhu 

Music director turned Singer Gur Sidhu has delivered many super hit singles and then decided to drop an album this year. Nothing Like Before was the debut album of Gur Sidhu which was well appreciated by the audience and also got featured on the Toronto Eaton Centre. 


Loud – Ranjit Bawa 

2021 has been a wonderful year for Ranjit Bawa in many ways. The artist announced many Pollywood projects and even released an album meanwhile. ‘Loud’ consisted of 8 tracks with variations in the genre and the listeners made them instant favourites.


Bad Munda – Jass Manak 

Manaka Da Munda dropped his album with many exciting collaborations and features in it. Where Emiway Bantai was a pivotal one in his titular album song, Nagma Mirajkar was also a special addition to this album in the song ‘Shaka Laka Boom Boom’. 


Awara – Arjan Dhillon 

Arjan Dhillon was very quick in delivering this album to the audience. Without making the people wait and creating much hype Arjan dropped Awara in November. Shama Paiya from the album was a tribute to the legendary vocalist Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Danabaad was yet another amazing track from the album which was much loved by the listeners. Arjan’s Awara made it to the Spotify ‘Top Debut Global Albums’ charts at No. 8 within a few days of its release. 


Jugni – Maninder Buttar 

First ever album of Maninder Buttar gained everybody’s attention with the Paani Di Gal song which has over 100 Millions views on Youtube. Jugni was a special album for both Maninder Buttar and his fans. For Buttar, because he dedicated this album to his beloved pet ‘Jugni’ and even named it before his pet dog and for his fans, as Maninder Buttar has sung as well as written the songs for this album of his. 


Adhi Tape – Garry Sandhu 

With slow and sad songs, this album of Garry Sandhu is all non-beat one and has a whole different shade of Garry and his pen. But this was just ‘Adhi Tape’ and the artist already announced that another 6 Bhangra kinds of songs will be released later, since then fans are all eyes upon the artist. Garry, earlier this year, revealed that he has lost his voice to sing due to excessive consumption of alcohol and being Corona +ve but Adhi Tape came as a surprise as we got to hear the old voice of Garry Sandhu back through this album. 


Rambo – Karan Randhawa 

Karan Randhawa dropped super hit singles in 2021, he surprised everyone by dropping his debut album in the same year which was well liked by his fans. With Surma, Jatti and Rambo, Karan Randhawa got people hooked to his songs from the debut album. 


All Bamb – Amrit Maan 

Amrit Maan released his music career’s first ever album and dedicated it to his late mother as a token of love and respect. Amrit postponed his album due to farmers’ protest and released it after a break of several months but when it got released it received praise from the audience for the songs like ‘Sira E Hou’ and ‘All Bamb’. 


XL – Simar Doraha 

Simar Doraha does magic with his pen and it was well proven in his album named XL. Not only Xtra Large but Simar even announced his second album within the same year named ‘Patience’ however, it was not released in the year 2021. 


Mazaak Thodi Ae – R Nait

R Nait released the teaser for his debut album this year and people got already stuck with the release of it. Then the album got released and the artist proved himself again by presenting his amazing side as a lyricist and a singer with Mazaak Thodi Ae


Friends Matter – The Landers

Debut tape of the musical trio, The Landers was actually an EP with only 4 songs in it. Where an emotional side of Davi Singh’s life and his friends was depicted in the title song, Pariyan was a romantic one with Sukh Kharoud’s wedding representation through it. 


Underrated – Amantej Hundal

As the name depicts, Amantej Hundal did magic with this EP of his. With every song so amazing, he got us hooked to his voice and every song had a special kind of effect which made it stand amongst the blockbusters of Punjabi music. 


Sajna Da Shehar – Wazir Patar 

Yet another EP of 2021, Wazir Patar was all good in this short album. Everyone is well aware of his music as he adds a life element to the song with his unique music tunes every time, this year he made himself release his underrated EP which got a positive response from the audience. 


San 47 – Veet Baljit 

Another album of the year by Veet Baljit, lyricist and singer, delivered his better version through the album with one song as a tribute which was loved well by his fans and punjabi music lovers.  


My Game – Himmat Sandhu 

A 7-song album by Himmat Sandhu was released lately but was appreciated equally as other songs by him. The titular song from the album was not only sung but was aroteand composed by Himmat Sandhu himself. 


Radak – Harvy Sandhu 

Harvy Sandhu released his album named Radak which consisted of many amazing collaborations like Dilpreet Dhillon, Gurlej Akhtar and others. Nagni was one of the most loved songs from the album. 


Mehrbaniaan – Romaana 

With his debut album, the Desi Melodies exclusive artist, Romaana, won everybody’s hearts. Mehrbaniaan was an EP of 4 songs and was one of the much loved EPs of the industry. Romaana made his name through his debut song ‘Goriyaan Goriyaan’ just before his first ever EP. 


8 Chances – Harnoor

The melodious singer Harnoor released his 8-song long album in december-end and took everyone’s hearts with his amazing voice and choices of the song. ‘Uff’, ‘She Got Me’ were a few of the songs that were mostly praised from the album. 


Sadiyan Gallan – Hustinder 

Hustinder is one of the most underrated Punjabi artists. He released his EP named Sadiyan Gallan recently which had 5 songs in total and was very well taken by the listeners.


Stepping In – Jerry 

Lyricist and singer Jerry is also among those artists who released his albums this year. With more than 5 songs he dropped his album at the end of December. 


This was the summary of the albums released in 2021. We are sure you have listened to most of them but if you have missed, check them here. 

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