Punjabi Artist Alaap Sikander Is All Praises For Punjabi Singer G Sidhu

The Punjabi music industry is an industry of controversies. Every day is a new day for somebody to start a controversy in this industry. This culture of controversies of the Punjabi music industry has often been a magnet for criticism of the industry.

But when two Punjabi artists are seen praising each other, it just melts everyone’s heart. Recently, Punjabi artist Alaap Sikandar exhibited the qualities of a true artist by praising and recognizing the work and personality of fellow industry-mate, G Sidhu. An artist praising somebody else’s art, what can be a more beautiful scene for an industry?

Sikandar is an extremely talented singer, songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumental artist. He has worked in the famous punjabi web series by Troll Punjabi “YJKD 2”. G Sidhu is another talented artist of the industry, who recently released his album “Amreeke Aala”. It is a treat to the punjabi music lovers to see two such talented artists spreading positivity and promoting unity in the industry.

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