Punjabi Artists Breaking The Norms & Defying The Rules Of The Industry

There are a number of ways for being successful and famous in the music industry. Most of the artists choose the ‘going with the trend’ way. But there are some, who decide to go the other way, the ‘break the norms’ way. The Punjabi music industry is a beehive of such artists who are breaking the norms with their art and shaping the music industry in a whole new way.

The List Of Punjabi Artists Breaking The Norms

1. Satinder Sartaaj

Satinder Sartaaj’s pen and his songs have always been breaking the norms. In a world of songs like ‘Booty Shake’, Sartaaj is breaking norms with his melodious yet meaningful songs like Gurmukhi Da Beta, Sai, Raseed etc. His album, Sever Rivers, in which each song is dedicated to the seven rivers of ancient Punjab, is a whole new language of music interpretation.

2. Kanwar Grewal

The reason behind Sufism is still alive in the Punjabi music industry, is Kanwar Grewal. Most of his songs like Fakeera, Mast, Mauj are a complete emotional and spiritual ride and talk about the human soul union with the supreme soul, God.

3. Bir Singh

Bir Singh is one of the most underrated singers in the industry. His best came out with the ongoing farmer’s protest in Delhi. His song ‘Charhdikala’ was something completely against the norms and even made people against farmers shed a tear. His true potential is unleashed in songs like Jithe Malak Rakhda, Saah, Changa Ae and many more. His writing is destined to make you emotional. 

4. Ahen

Ahen is one gem of an artist, and we as punjabis, should be proud to have him. The use of traditional instruments in his music, his writing and his voice will make you fall in love with him. His songs like Rabb Da Banda, Kaleere, Maahiya, Geejhe Ch Rabb are some works you don’t hear every singer doing. 

5. Gur Shabad

You might recognize him as the Chal Mera Putt actor, but his writing will change your perception about him. In an industry flooded with songs on guns, alcohol, drugs and what not, Gur Shabad chose to write songs like Mitti De Putt, Dollar Ja Des, Uthan Da Vela and many more. His songs work like an automatic motivation and some of the lyrics are also sure to pierce through your hearts.

6. Hardeep Grewal

Hardeep Grewal is the man behind millions of people rising from their failures today. His songs Thokar, Unstoppable, Aaja Zindagi are the best motivational Punjabi songs ever made. He always tries to boost people who’ve lost hopes with their lives and that is what music is made for, teaching people to ‘Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’.

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A music industry needs all types of songs, it needs party songs, love songs, break up songs, folk songs and needs to cover every genre for all types of audience. Artists mostly go with the trendy, money-making path but these singers have decided to defy the rules and break the norms.

They have shown that a song can be made without talking about lavish lifestyle, cars, guns, self-centered talks, alcohol and such items. We recommend that all of our viewers check out all these artists on an important note. You have danced in parties and played songs in your car with your friends, let’s prepare for a true musical journey this time. 

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