Punjabi Billionaire Garry Sangha Donates $500,000 To Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation

Garry Sangha is the CEO of Family group that has its business roots in Surrey.  Garry is a Punjabi billionaire and is aware of how a community is important in making an endeavor successful. He along with his brother in law Kuldeep Chohan hail their motto of family values, family company and instill the same in any project they undertake. 

The family group includes Crystal Consulting Inc. which began in 2005 when Ajit Singh Sangha ( patriarch of the family group) along with his son Garry Sangha and son in law Kuldeep Chohan started their first independent construction project. This family group is of self made Punjabi businessmen who always uphold the values of donation. 

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Recently,  CCI has pledged $500,000 to the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation. In an opportunity to highlight the pledge, Garry said “CCI is a part of the community, and we see our employees and the people in the community as part of the CCI family. Health and well- being are always a primary concern. For where we live, Royal Columbian provides a huge proportion of the critical care we need and offers health services that no other hospital in the province can deliver. Their focus on mental health aligns closely with our passions and the goal of our own mental health entity, CCI Group Mental Health Society.”

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Foundation president and the CEO of the Royal Columbian Hospital Jeff Norris expressed his gratitude and contentment on this pledge. 

He stated “We are so glad that a company with such a strong emphasis on philanthropy like CCI is joining our fundraising and is making this fantastic pledge. When people like the Sanghas and Chohans step forward, it provides an example for others to follow suit and make similar pledges. We thank them for their gracious support”. 

This is not the first time the family is contributing towards such a cause. The family group has long been a contributor to the community such as Children’s Hospital Foundation, The Food Bank, The Canucks For Kids Funds and The City of Backpacks For Kids Program. 

The Ex-Mayor of the Township of Langley, Jack Froese expresses his regard towards the family group. He shares, “Ajit, Garry, and Chohan have always done so much to support our city. They are important employers, and they are examples of a family that makes giving back to the community part of their everyday lives.”

Garry mentions, “Our father, Ajit, has always been a person who believed in being a part of the community and he was supported by our mom. As a family, my parents, my brother-in-law, and his wife (my sister, Sandeep), as well as my wife, Kiran, and all our wonderful children make a real effort to give back. We spend our own time to purchase and fill the kids’ school backpacks. Really close to our hearts is our foundation for mental health. We give a lot of time to that endeavor as we want to emphasize that health is more than just our bodies, but also finding peace for our mind and soul. Issues of mental health are like a silent epidemic, so we formed the foundation to help give it a voice”.

The CCI mental health society raises funds for mental health causes. By 2025, this foundation is aiming to raise $1000,000 for mental health causes. 

To this, Ajit Sangha says, “This Foundation is important to my family. My wife and children are invested in mental health, and we want to show the people that it is okay to talk about mental health as we share love and support for those who are suffering in any way we can. When people respect you, they will be more open to listening to your views and accepting your help.”

Kuldeep Chohan also agrees with his father in law and says “We are all family. We must support each other, and we must also support those people that work for us or who live in our community. We are obligated to help, and it does not matter if we are fathers or sons, mothers or daughters, brothers or sisters; we all have a role to play in serving each other. I am proud that CCI makes giving an active part of our business.”

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