5 Times Our Favourite Punjabi Celebrities Pranked Each Other

5 Times Our Favourite Punjabi Celebrities Pranked Each Other

A dose of laughter and fun! This is all that we all need from time to time in our everyday stressful life. We usually hear the rival and dispute stories among the Punjabi celebrities, but many of these stars share a happy and joyous bond with each other. On or Off set they are super chilled with their respective industry friends. 

We all love playing pranks on our friends and just like us, Punjabi celebrities have also been somewhere indulged in the pranking thing and the incidents they have shared are quite funny and to be talked about. Let us see such Top 5 moments where our favourite Punjabi celebrities pranked their co-stars. 

Times When Punjabi Artists Pranked Each Other

1. Muklawa Team On Sonam Bajwa 

Punjabi Celebrities Pranks

The very famous movie of Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa, Muklawa, has a song called Gulabi Paani in it. It is one of the most loved songs from the film but the other exciting thing about it is the fact that the shooting of this song had created trouble for Sonam. 

One of the sequences from the song was shot on the boat in a pond, when Sonam was ready for her shot, someone from the team pranked her and told that there were crocodiles in the water. Hearing this, Sonam got scared and refused to shoot the sequence. Later, when the team members told that it was a prank, it was very difficult for them to make her believe it and shoot her part. 

2. Gurpreet Ghuggi & Gippy Grewal On A Team Member 

Punjabi Celebrities Pranks

While shooting Bhaji In Problem, Gurpreet Ghuggi took part in this funniest prank. The Chief AD of the movie and Gurpreet Ghuggi asked the AD of the film to bring 2 trays of eggs to shoot a scene. The guy brought it and then he was told that the director, Sameep Kang, only wants the egg white in the eggs and not the egg yolk. The AD took the syringe and started removing the yellow part of the eggs and then filled the white part. Later, Ghuggi and Gippy Grewal said that the director now needs only the yellow part and not the white one. 

The guy then did the same for hours, later, when he went to Sameep Kang to handover the props for the shoot. Sameep denied that he did not ask for the eggs and there is no such scene to be shot today. Gurpreet Ghuggi and Gippy Grewal now regret of the prank & making the guy work hard and spend 5 hrs in doing the stupid work. 

3. Bhagwant Mann on Air Hostess

Punjabi Celebrities Pranks

When boarding a long flight, Bhagwant Maan popped up a prank to his travelling mates Harbhajan Mann & Jagtar Jaggi but they denied. Bhagwant then himself started shouting in an unknown language to the Air hostess. However, anybody on the flight couldn’t understand the self-made language but they understood that Mann was annoyed. To make Bhagwant Mann calm and quiet the Air hostess took him to the Business class and offered him to sit there.

When Harbhajan Mann and Jagtar Jaggi got to know this they sent Mann a message to let them also have seats in the Business class. To which he replied, ‘Sorry, this is an earned seat’ and therefore, Bhagwant Mann spent the 8-hr long journey like a king in the business class. 

4. Binnu Dhillon On Gurpreet Ghuggi 

Punjabi Celebrities Pranks

During the promotions of superhit film, Carry On Jatta 2, Binnu Dhillon and Karamjit Anmol reached a while earlier on the set of promotions, in White Hill Studios office. Gurpreet Ghuggi went to his nearby house to change his attire. And when Binnu Dhillon was asked about Gurpreet Ghuggi, he told the then-present people that Ghuggi wouldn’t come for promotions. This made the team tensed about what happened and they called Ghuggi’s Manager regarding the same. Then, they got to know about the prank Binnu played on them.  

5. Wamiqa Gabbi on Tarsem Jassar

Punjabi Celebrities Pranks

Tarsem Jassar looks quite a strict and easy guy, away from pranks whereas Wamiqa is quite the opposite. During the shoot of Galwakdi, Wamiqa Gabbi and Tarsem Jassar were in a restaurant with some of their shoot-mates. When the food was to be ordered, Tarsem asked Wamiqa to order for him by the time he come back from the restroom.

Wamiqa ordered it but when Tarsem had the first bite, it did not taste the same as it used to. When he asked what she ordered, the actress said “The dish that you asked for”. When the actor couldn’t eat it, he finally found out that Wamiqa had got extra sauce and mashed olive in large quantities to make the veg dish taste bitter. 

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These were some of the out of the box pranks that made us believe that how far can our Punjabi artists go with their pranking and kidding skills. 

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