Jhanjar To Legend: These Punjabi Censored Songs Will Tell You How Tharki Your Mind Is

Punjabi cinema is becoming a big canvas where many artists are working hard with their thoughts and skills. Be it acting, singing or writing. But some work flies above our mind and every person analyzes it according to his/her ability and ideas. Today, with cinematic entertainment, jokes and memes have become the way for us to get our daily dose of fun. Many content creators deliver unusual content which television and radio cannot provide. So what are we waiting for?

Tie your seatbelts because the laughter coaster is about to begin. As we caught sight of a hilarious video by content creator Sardarflix. We all must agree as he has done a praiseworthy job in creating this video.

In the video, he used some Punjabi songs of Sidhu Moosewala, Karan Aujla, Baani Sandhu, Romaana and many other punjabi singers, and a Bollywood song also. The editor used a beep in some words so that listeners make their guess, especially ‘dirty one’ as written in the caption.

Moreover, the best thing in the video is people actually applying the real lyrics with dirty, double meaning words and if we look after the comment section, mostly everyone likes the Baani Sandhu part. Watch the video here:


It’s the 6th part of Sardarflix’s video. The other five parts are different like rhyming songs, edited video, farmers protest, showing the reality and another real fact basis. You can review his profile and get the more amusing item. 

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