Watch: Punjabi Guy Came On ‘Toy’ Horse On Wedding Day; People Tagged PETA for Promotion

Indian weddings are elaborate affairs, blending tradition and modernity. Rooted in cultural diversity, ceremonies include vibrant rituals like Mehendi and Sangeet. Typically, a grand Indian wedding is marked by the groom’s extravagant entry on a horse, luxury car, or sometimes even a helicopter.

However, a viral video on TikTok showcases a groom opting for a whimsical twist by making a lively entrance on a toy horse. This unconventional choice adds a playful element to the traditional wedding custom, portraying a scene of jubilant celebration with dancing and merriment among the groom and attendees.

The user shared the video on Twitter and wrote, “When you’re an animal lover but she wants dulha ghodi pe aaye”.

In the video, wedding attendees are captured sheltering the groom with an umbrella while others dance. This unconventional scene has sparked conversations among social media users.

As the video was posted on social media the video got viral within a few hours. The video got flooded with hilarious comments, where some people even tagged PETA for Promotion. 

The Sikh wedding parade in Vancouver, Canada, gained social media attention when the groom arrived at the venue riding a motorized toy horse. Wearing an off-white sherwani and a velvety red drape, the groom gracefully maneuvers a toy horse. The baaraatis enhance the lively ambiance, embracing a purple color theme in their attire for the celebration.

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