Punjabi model and influencer Gauri Virdi faces police action for celebrating 1 million subscribers; Here’s the reason

Influencers and their fan following has always been the topic of the town when it comes to social media. The digital platforms have made it so easier for the creators to showcase their talents and make money out of it. 

Instagram is one such platform where digital creators post their content and influence their audience. As they say, the more the merrier, If you have a larger audience chances of you getting popular are higher. 

Gauri Virdi is one such Instagram influencer who recently hit 1 million subscribers on Instagram. She hails from Punjab and is a modelling influencer on the digital platform. 

After hitting 1 million subscribers on Instagram, Gauri Virdi posted a reel in which she was seen sitting on the bonnet of her Mahindra Thar. 

The car was being driven on a road and the influencer was sitting on the bonnet and holding a helium air gas foil golden balloon of 1 M ( 1 million). 

However the reel indeed reached a lot of audience including the Punjab Police. The police impounded her car and have given her a fair warning. Investigation is also being going on against her. 

As per the police, the purpose of seizing her Thar is to educate such influencers about the safety and traffic rules. This is also a lesson for other people to stop themselves and not to indulge in any such activities. 

The action by Punjab Police was quick and swift which was necessary as every person is equal before the law. 

Making such reels is not only unsafe for the creator but can lead to dangerous accidents that can be threatening for others as well.

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