Punjabi Rapper Sunny Malton Calls Sidhu Moosewala Realer Than Byg Byrd

Since the day Brown Boys broke up with Sidhu Moosewala, the two parties have been replying to each other and have been surrounded by controversies. After the Brown Boys split up with Sidhu, they saw some inner conflict too. Punjabi rapper Sunny Malton and music producer Byg Byrd too split up due to some disagreements.

Sunny Malton has always been open about the break-ups on social media, both with Sidhu as well as Byrd. He often used to go live on instagram, explaining the reasons behind the Sidhu split-up. And now, he recently uploaded a story on his instagram account. 

The story clearly mentions that Sunny feels Sidhu is realer than Byrd. He mocks Byrd by calling him Byg pigeon and Byg snake. The Brown Boys team broke up due to disagreements regarding their label, Brown Boy Records. Byrd had allegedly uploaded some tracks without Sunny’s information and this disappointed Sunny, who then parted his ways with Byg Byrd. Both the artists are now working independent of each other and Sunny has often been seen replying to Byg Byrd through his instagram stories, just like the one mentioned above. 

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