Fact Check: Punjabi Singer Shubh’s IG Followers Dropped By 3 Million?

Few days back Punjabi rapper and singer Shubh’s India tour was canceled after there were some protests by the BJYM. His ‘Still Rollin’ India Tour was supposed to commence from September 23 however all of his concerts got canceled because it was alleged that Shubh supports Khal**stan and is an anti-national artist. After the allegations his posters were torn down vandalized in Mumbai. 

After the widespread criticisms, Shubh issued an official statement on his Instagram channel where he explained everything and said that he loves India as much as any other Indian.

Now, recently a video is going viral on Instagram in which it is shown how after the cancellation and widespread boycotting, Shubh lost around 2.9 million followers on Instagram just because he allegedly supported Khalistan. 

The video is being shared by an influencer with over 6.5 lakh followers. In the video it is shown that earlier Shubh enjoyed a fan following of 4.0 million followers and now he is left with 1.1 million followers. 

Fact Check

In this viral video, it is shown that earlier Shubh had 4.0 million followers. After it came out that Shubh allegedly supports Khalistan which is why his tour was canceled, he apparently lost 2.9 million followers. Another screenshot shows that currently he has a following of 1.1 million followers. 

Now coming to the fact check, the screenshot attached is fake. Shubh’s followers never reached 4 million. As per InsTrack, a platform that tracks Instagram analytics accurately, his followers have increased and at present he enjoys a fan following of 1.6 million followers. 

So, as per this data shared, Shubh did not reach 4 million followers ever. Also his followers kept increasing and the screenshot which was attached in the video is a fake one.

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