Punjabi Singer & Songwriter Babbu Maan Reveals About His Emotional Reaction

Article by: Gautam

The farmers protest has been going on peacefully for most of the part except for one day. The day can be termed as one of the most important days in the ongoing protest. Farmer leadership, after trying every possible and democratic way of convincing the central government of accepting their demands, decided to do something big, on a big day.

 A tractor rally, consisting of 100 thousands of tractors was organized on the nation’s republic day , 26 January 2020. The rally was supposed to mark a historical day in the history of the country but suddenly unexpected, or lets say very expected things, started to happen. Bunch of farmers deviated away from the already agreed upon route of the tractor rally by the farmer leadership and the central government and entered The Red Fort. The events that followed by, changed the protest’s whole structure. 

Policemen clashed with protesters and the peaceful protest turned violent. A khalsa (sikh religious)  flag was hoisted in an empty flag post beside the Tricolour of the Red fort. While it is not sure as such why and how the violence started but the day surely changed the farmer’s protest.

The depth and the importance of the event can be seen clearly in a video of the Punjabi veteran singer and songwriter Babbu Maan wherein he mentions how the demise of his parents could not make him cry but the day of 26th January 2020 shook him emotionally. Babbu maan is considered a legend in the punjabi music industry and many punjabi superstars, singers, songwriters themselves fancy him.


Though the Red Fort incident has received mixed views, it surely was a historical day. The farmer leaders claimed thay the violence was deliberately started by the government to defame and weaken the protest. Many people, with links to the ruling party BJP, have been identified causing violence on the roads of the capital city on the day. While the government claims the day and the events brought shame and disgrace to the country. 

Article by: Gautam

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