Punjabi Singers Who Pen Down Song Lyrics All By Themselves

Punjabi Industry has multi-talented artists as 9 out of 10 are pursuing two or more crafts simultaneously. They are a complete package in themselves- a singer, actor, lyricist, composer, director and many more. We present you a list of Punjabi musicians who not only have a euphonious voice but also have good command over lyricists.

Gurdas Maan

Gurdas Maan is a living legend of Punjab, apart from singing and songwriting he also acted in movies. The song ‘Dil Da Mamla’ gave him overnight stardom. He has recorded more than 34 albums and has written over 305 songs. In 2015 ‘Ki Banu Duniya Da’ song blew everybody’s mind. It was his composition, writing and he sang the song with Diljit Dosanjh. He was the only Punjabi singer who won the national award for playback singing.

Babbu Maan

babbu maan

Babbu Maan is a veteran Punjabi musician, he became a part of the industry in 1997 and is acing the stream to this date. His first album was ‘Sajjan Rumaal De Geya’. Aside from singing and writing, he has also earned a name in acting and production. In his first film ‘Hawayein’he wrote and sang the soundtracks. ‘Pakki Kanak’, ‘Mitran Di Chatri’,’Raat Chandni’ are some of his other hits.

Satinder Sartaj

He is the most qualified singer of Punjab, Sartaj had MPhil and PhD in Sufi music and Sufi singing. He also had a Diploma in the Persian language. Songs like ‘Udaarian’, ‘Twajjo’, ‘Shagufta Dil’, ‘Sajjan Raazi’ are his most famed songs. All of Satinder’s songs have his voice, lyrics and composition. 

Karan Aujla

Karan Aujla is a singer, lyricist and rapper who gained name and fame for his work in Punjabi music. He entered the industry as a songwriter, his debut song was Range which was sung by Jassi Gill. In later years, he stepped into singing and gave many blockbuster songs like ’Mexico’, ‘Don’t Worry’, ‘Chita Kurta’, ‘Guilty’.

Amrit Maan

Singer from Goniana is making headlines with his unique writing and singing skills. He joined the industry as a lyricist, his first writing was ‘Jatt Fire Karda’ which was sung by Diljit Dosanjh and one of the best songs. Maan’s Singing debut song was ‘Desi Da Drum’ it was also a hit one. Other super successful songs are ‘Peg Di Washna’, ‘Kaali Camaro’, ‘Bamb Jatt’, ‘Muchh Te Mashook’. Now he is also trying his hand in acting, ‘Channa Mereya’, ‘Aate Di Chidi’ are a few of his recent movie projects.

Sidhu Moose Wala

He doesn’t need any introduction. Sidhu Moosewala is one of those artists who pen down his own songs since the beginning. His first song was ‘license’ which was sung by Ninja. Later on, he joined the singer’s community like many other lyricists and now he is the writer and singer of his songs. He debuted his singing career with ‘G Wagon’ which grabbed worldwide attention and to date, he is consistent in his work.

Veet Baljit

Another personality who sings and writes altogether. His first album was released in 2014 named ‘Reel Purani Reejh’. Besides, his own songs, he has also written songs for other artists like Gippy Grewal, Diljit Dosanjh, Mankirt Aulakh Ikka and many more. Veet has also penned tracks for movies like Sargi, Dakuan Da Munda. Songs like Patiala peg, Taara, Pasand Apni which were hit projects

Happy Raikoti

Song ‘Jaan’ was his first project with which he debuted in his singing career, it is from the album ‘7 Knaalan’ which was out in 2015. Moreover, he has penned a number of songs for renowned singers like Jassie Gill, Gippy Grewal, Diljit Dosanjh, Amrinder Gill, Ammy Virk, Maninder Buttar and others. He is pursuing three professions- singing. Songwriting, and acting.

Arjan Dhillon

He is associated with the Punjabi industry and jack of all trades. He is a singer cum lyricist cum music composer. Songs like ‘Jaagde Raho’, ‘Gutt’, ‘Kath’, ‘My Fellas’, ‘Likhari’ and many others have his lyrics, voice, and composition. He is still a new member of the industry yet he is giving tough competition to other established singers.


Shivjot Singh Dhandiwal, singer, lyricist and composer, followed the same trait and started his journey as a songwriter. His first song was ‘Gerhi Sherhi’ which was released in 2014, later in the same year he made his singing debut. The superhit song Ford vs Ford was his first song. In the following year, he collaborated with Kulwinder Billa and many others and entertained the audience. 

Jasmine Sandlas

An Indo-American singer and songwriter, Jasmine has started her career from her childhood. When she was merely 16-years she wrote her first song ‘Adhi Rati’ which we heard in her debut album ‘Gulabi’. Talking about her singing, her first singing project was ‘Muskan’ penned by Lalie Gill. She received global fame from her song ‘Yaar Na Miley’ with Honey Singh, the song featured in Salman Khan’s movie ‘Kick’. Section of the song was written and sung by Jasmine. 

Jass Manak

Indian- Punjabi singer and songwriter Jass Manak is a recognized artist. He has been under Pollywood media surveillance since 2017 after his debut song ‘U-Turn’. He gained global attention via ‘Prada’, ‘Lehanga’, ‘Viah’ and ‘Boss’ and all of these songs had his own lyrics. Other than singing, his writing career is also blooming; he has written songs for Nishawn Bhullar and many others. The most popular song of Jassie Gill ‘Surma Kala’ was penned by him.

Guri Khattra

Guri is Nira Ishq of the entire Pollywood followers. Started his career in 2016 with the Punjabi song ‘Mashooq Fatte Chakni’.Guri’s next song ‘Yaar Beli’ was a hit track and gave him the fame he deserved. That was Guri’s initial steps towards success, later he released many songs which converted the regular audience into his fans and followers.Tere karke, Nira Ishq, Billian Billian are some of Guri’s famous penned and voiced tracks.

Garry Sandhu

Romeo of Pollywood Gurmukh Singh Sandhu aka Garry Sandhu is a well-known artist, he joined the industry in 2010 with ‘Main Ni Peenda’ song and It was a big hit of the times. Subsequently, songs like Illegal Weapons, Yeah Baby, Banda Ban Ja made him a star performer of Punjab. He has his record venture Fresh Media Records. Along with Pollywood, he received tremendous love from the Bollywood industry. At present, he is acing his role as a successful singer, lyricist and actor. 

Guru Randhawa 

Guru Randhawa is one of the few artists who established his name in two different Indian industries Punjabi and Hindi. This high rated gabru has been ruling the industry since 2012. He debuted his musical journey with the song ‘Same Girl’ in collaboration with Arjun, however, that was not a hit and the following ones were also the same. But, Bohemia turned the table and Guru’s Patola with Bohemia was a record-breaking song. Outfit, Lahore, Daaru Wargi are some of his other penned and voiced tracks.

Hardeep Grewal

Hardeep Grewal is an engineer artist of Punjab who was a lecturer in a college but quit his profession to pursue his passion. In 2015 Hardeep released his first album ‘Thokar’ and joined Punjabi music as a singer, in later years he initiated writing too . Hardeep’s other songs are unstoppable, Bulandiyan, 40 kille, Dhiyan, Golden Heart his work choices has given him a unique platform and now he is being recognised as a motivational artist.

Harf Cheema

Harminder Singh Cheema aka Harf Cheema is a singer cum lyricist of Punjab. Gym, Sarkare, Pindan Wale, Gallbaat, Tibbeyan Ala Jatt, Jawani Zindabad are some of his popular songs. 7 Phase, Hanju were the initial songs that gave him recognition in the music industry. Gucci was his debut one which was released in 2013. He has collaborated with various artists such as Labh Heera, Deep Jandu, Karan Aujla and many others.

Jassa Dhillon

Talja famed singer Jass Dhillon is a music artist who has been associated with Pollywood music industry. Started his career with ‘Pyar Bolda’ in 2019 as a singer, lyricist and composer in collaboration with Gur Sidhu. His first song gave him that fame that other singers were not able to acquire even after releasing ten songs. His debut album ‘Above All’ got released a few months ago and since then it has been people’s favourite to groove on.

Jimmy Kaler

Jimmy Kaler is a singer and lyricist who became a Punjabi music artist in 2015 with his song ‘Yaar Patandar’ which was released by Yaar Anmulle records. Songs such as Dabbang, Top Class Desi, Jigriaa Yaara, Stubborn have been his other projects, he sang and wrote, and composed all these tracks.


Kaka is one of the youngest artists of Punjab in terms of work experience. He started his journey in 2019 with ‘Surma’ which was sung by Kaka along with Adaab Kharoud. In the following year, he released ‘Keh Len De’ in collaboration with Haani Records. This song gave him instant fame and the entire Punjabi audience welcomed him with love. Further, the song named Libaas blew everybody’s mind and it appeared on Youtube’s Weekly Global Music Chart. His other famous songs are Viah Di Khabar, Dhoor Pendi, Aashiq Purana, etc.

Kay Vee Singh

Punjabi singer and lyricist Kay Vee Singh is a renowned artist in Punjab. He hails from Amritsar Punjab. Songs like Ik Reejh Purani, Feelingaa, Jatti Da Crush, Na Ladeya Kar, Mere Wangu Pyaar, Gallan Ch Romance, Gol Mol are a few of his famous projects. His debut in the Punjabi music world with a song named ‘Supne’ which was released in 2017 and it was one of his super hit tracks.

Khan Bhaini

Khan Bhaini is a famous artist associated with the Punjabi music industry. Khan Bhaini is his pen name, his real name is Bishwas Khan Bhaini. Bhaini began his career as a lyricist, later he started singing his own songs. The song that gave him fame is ‘Sidhu da Munda’ which was sung by Gulab Sidhu. Later he worked with several artists and had professional growth. His other famous tracks are Surma, Listen Bro, Sun Fer, Bille Bille Naina waliye and many others.

Korala Maan

Singer who is badnaam for Ishq is none other than Lovepreet Singh Maan aka Korala Maan. He started his music career in 2017, with a song named ‘Dadke Nanke’ which was in collaboration with Gurlej Akhter and Prabh Grewal. After that, he came up with new songs such as Jind, Barood Dil, Filmy Scene, Dismiss 141, Kauli Khand Di and many more. He also supported the Kisan movement and released ‘Weapon Shoulder’ against the farm bills. 


Another all-rounder artist who can sing, write and compose music is Nikk. He hails from Jalandhar, Punjab. He began his profession with ‘O Meri Jaan’ song featuring Shudhita which was released in 2019. He penned songs for Mann Dhami, Ramneek, Simrita and many others. He also voiced other lyricists such as Jagga, Farmaan, etc. The songs which he wrote and sang are Nakhre, Teri Naar, Relation, Badaami Rang and others.

Parry Sidhu

Parry Sindhu is one of those artists who received instant fame and made their distinct identity overnight in Pollywood. ‘Tu Shayar Banaagi’ was his first song and followed by ‘Saadh Banda’ and ‘Coverage Shetar’ were equally successful. His recent tracks are ‘Backyard’ and ‘Chanel Mehak Da’.

R Nait

Nait Ram is a famous Punjabi Singer and Lyricist. He is the most famous artist among youngsters owing to his songs such as Defaulter, 2800, Poison and others. He made his debut with a song named ‘Lancer 2’ as a singer which was released in 2015. He Collaborated with Sidhu Moosewala for a song named Poison, it was R Nait’s first ever collaboration. Apart from his singing and writing, he has a unique hairstyle which is now one of his identity features. His other famous songs are ‘Challa’, ‘Mitha Mitha’, ‘U-turn’, ‘Struggler’.

Simar Doraha

Mansimran Singh is a well known lyricist and a new singer. He wrote several songs like Regret, Mitraa, Battle and the songs to which he gave his voice are ‘Pehla Wale’, ‘Nasha’, ‘Ranjha’ and ‘Sharaabi’. He was writing for quite a good time but started his singing in 2020 with ‘Sharabi’ song.

Simiran Kaur Dhadli

Simiran is one of the few female artists who are lyricists and singers in Pollywood. This Patiala Mutiyaar debuted with ‘Marjaneya’ song. She was the lyricist, music composer and singer of the song. Her other song ‘Sahiba’ gave her recognition and fame. The audience loved her version of Sahiba and appreciated his writing as well as singing. Nazraan, Zor, Gair Haazir and Barood Wargi are her other released songs. 


Manpreet Singh popularly known as Singga is also associated with Punjabi music. He joined the Punjabi writers’ group with ‘Mere yaar’ song and swiftly moved into the singing zone and now he pursues writing and singing together. Talking about his hits Jatt Di clip 2, Badnam, Brotherhood, Sheh, etc all these songs gave him name and fame in the industry.

Sukh Kharoud

Sukhwinder Singh Kharoud aka Sukh Kharoud started his journey as a singer and lyricist in 2016 with a song named ‘The Lander’. His most heard songs are Election, Jail Fail, King Queen, Kahani Ghar Ghar Di, Fauji, Fruit, etc. His popular written track is ‘Naina di Goli’ and Dilpreet Singh gave his voice to this song.

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Hence, you know behind every big hit of a song there is a great writer behind it. And that writer can be the singer himself. Also, there are not every singer who pen their song but the above mentioned are few who are multi-talented with both words and vocals.

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