Punjabi Youtuber Producer Dxx Beaten Publicly By Nihang Singhs For Making Misleading And Vulgar Videos

Famous Punjabi Youtuber Producer Dxx has again invited trouble to himself for the type of content he is famous for. A video shows the Youtuber being beaten publicly by a group of Nihang Singhs. Amritpal Singh Mehron, a social worker and a member of the famous ‘Kaum De Rakhe’, has taken responsibility for the beating.

Amritpal Singh Mehron also uploaded a raw clip of him and other Nihang Singhs beating Producer Dxx publicly outside his own house. Sharing the clip in his stories, Amritpal further wrote that this was just a trailer, we came and beat you at your own village, near your own house. 


He took full responsibility for his actions, coming out openly in public. He even added that if Dhanaula Police will take any legal action against them, they are ready to face any charges. They will appear before the Dhanaula Police as they are not afraid of what they’ve done, added Amritpal Singh Mehron in an Instagram live session after the incident. 

Producer Dxx has been criticised on many occasions for the kind of content he creates. His content is described as ‘vulgar’ and ‘misleading’ for the youth of Punjab. Amritpal stated the same reason behind his act of beating the Youtuber.

Amritpal Singh Mehron is a very popular figure among the people of Punjab for various social works he’s done in the past. He had helped Punjabi actress Himanshi Khurana in providing financial aid to the family of a 10-year old who worked in the fields on a daily wage of Rs. 10 to support his family. 

Here is the article for the full incident:

Himanshi Khurana Extends Financial Aid To The Family Of Kid Who Worked For Rs 15 Per Day In Fields

He was also the main man who helped ‘Kinder Singh’, a man kept as a slave for more than 10 years by a family in Rajasthan. Amritpal, along with the Kaur Movement, helped Kinder Singh in escaping the absolute hell he was living in for almost a decade. 

Here is the article for the full incident:

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It is to see what legal actions will be taken against Amritpal and his fellow men for beating Producer Dxx publicly. 

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