Punjabi YouTuber Rimple Rimps Channel Gets Hacked & Terminated

Rimple Rimps, a famous Punjabi YouTuber, recently found his channel being terminated by youtube for violating its terms. The YouTuber had just hit the 100k subscribers mark. Rimple used to post funny videos on his channel. His roast videos on Payal Rohatgi and Tiktok went very viral.

A foreigner hacked his youtube account and started live streaming through his channel. The hacker used Rimple’s channel as his personal fundraiser. He asked the public to donate him money. Viewers noticed what was going on and notified Rimple about the issue. The YouTuber took it to Twitter to share the information. Youtube allegedly terminated Rimple Rimps’ youtube channel as begging for cryptocurrency online is against its policies. 

There’s no news of reclaiming the channel so far, neither has Youtube India replied to the YouTuber’s tweet yet. Youtube has always been very rigid on its policies and has never bothered to terminate million-subscriber channels in a blink of an eye. The Youtuber is receiving positive support from the audience who is constantly requesting Youtube India to look into the matter and help a genuine creator to get his account back and keep entertaining people through his positive content.


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