Pyaar, Ishq & Mohabbat Don’t Mean The Same! Here’s The Difference

Assi Tenu Pyar Nahi Karde, Mohabbat Karde Aa’. Well, reading this you might think that both of the words are the same, just other words for ‘Love’. But in reality they are different and have separate meanings and senses for ‘Lovers’. Let us get deep into what the words actually mean. 

Researching about the differences in these three synonyms of ‘Love’, we witnessed many interesting yet heart-touching realisations from the audience. Where one says, Pyar is a simple word used to express a simple feeling of love for anyone including your friends and family members. Mohabbat is when you don’t want your beloved (anyone) to get separated from you and the love is deep in this stage & Ishq is the purest yet deepest form of love and it can only happen with the opposite gender, when you can’t stop loving him/her in any case. 

Not only this, there are other definitions for the same as well. Pyaar is almost all kinds of love to anyone, Ishq on the other side is the ‘Lustless’ love for your partner and Mohabbat may or may not be a lustless form of love. 

And on the other hand, others describe them as, Pyar is the most generic kind of love which is often used for first love, Ishq is what makes you feel passionate for the other person and finally Mohabbat is pure romance and ‘Ture Love’. Some people also define it by saying that Pyar is the first stage of love, then comes Ishq and then Mohabbat, which is the true love

And when the discussion is already on, we cannot definitely forget one of the best definitions of Pyar, Ishq, Mohabbat from Devdas when Madhuri Dixit says, “Pyar aatma hai, Ishq Ishwar Ki Ibadat aur Mohabbat Jeene Ka Maqsad”. 

Concluding everything, Pyar is what anyone can go through but there are only some who feel the real form of love and attraction & that is Mohabbat. Mohabbat, eventually, is the purest form of love and feelings people have for their soulmates.

And we are sure that Jaani’s lyrics in the song Beliya, now makes much more sense, ‘Assi Tenu Pyar Nahi Karde, Mohabbat Karde Aa’. So now when you know the difference and true meaning of Pyaar, Ishq and Mohabbat, what do you think you feel for your special one? Think about it. 

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