R Nait Recalls The Time When He Wasn’t Able To Sing At The Manje Bistre Promotion

R Nait has established himself as one of the leading singers in the Punjabi music industry today. Every known face in the world was once an unknown common man. After years of struggle and hard work, these stars have reached the spot they are at today. R Nait shares an interesting story of the times when Gippy Grewal and his team came to Patiala for a promotional event.

Gippy Grewal and his team were in a university at Patiala for the promotion of their upcoming movie, Manje Bistre. R Nait was in the university too and wanted to share the stage with Gippy Grewal and his team, and perform at the Manje Bistre promotional event.

However, due to time management and other issues, the young boy was denied for a performance at the event. This obviously broke the young artist’s heart. But God had planned big things for the artist in the near future. 

In just a few months, the artist went on to work with Humble Music productions and Gippy Grewal himself, for the song Jagirdar. R Nait felt so proud that he was finally there in front of Gippy Grewal after only a few months, and was working with the artist. 

Every success story holds a number of failure stories behind it and R Nait is just one of them. Today he is not somebody who needs an introduction. 

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