R Nait’s Break-Up Controversy With Friends Tarsem & Billa Heating Up

Punjabi Industry is growing and making its place in highlights due to various reasons. These reasons include popular singers, superhit songs and new controversies too. 

A new controversy is being heated up in Punjabi Industry and it’s sad to know that this time the controversy is between best friends R Nait and Tarsem.

If you don’t know about the controversy already then you should know that it all started with a song. Recently Tarsem and Billa released a song titled ‘Pittal’ which is going viral on social media and is about to cross 1 Million views on YouTube too.

The video targets the friendship of R Nait and Tarsem and the reason behind it breaking up so bad. While the video of Pittal stars, a notice pops, which says, ‘Based on True Story’.

The plot of the video describes how the friends helped R Nait during his tough time and struggle days, and when R Nait rose to fame he decided to ignore his friends and all their support too.


And in reply to this, R Nait has finally broken his silence and shared his comment on his Instagram account. 

If you follow R Nait on Instagram then you must have noticed his recent Instagram stories which have a long written note. 

Here is what R Nait posted.

Since this controversy is heating up, the fans have set their eyes on their favourite singers to know what happens next. 

Knowing the best friends have broken up is not very pleasant news and we hope things settle down in the best manner possible.

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