Racks And Rounds Review: Sidhu Moosewala & Sikander Kahlon Spitting Straight Fire

“Everybody achieves success in their life, but I did it differently”, starting a song with such heavy lines, this can only be expected from somebody like Sidhu Moosewala. One of the most awaited tracks on the album Moosetape, Racks and Rounds has officially released on youtube on Sidhu Moosewala’s official youtube channel. The song was highly anticipated due to Sidhu’s collaboration with Sikander Kahlon on the track.

Sidhu has only dropped the official audio of the third track on the album and its music video won’t come out. So, all we have in the song is Sidhu and Sikander’s pen and The Kidd’s beat, both of which are enough to make a superhit track. Racks and Rounds is a song that raises the bars for the album itself because everything about the song has been so perfect.

As the title of the song suggests, Sidhu mainly talks about his bond with guns in the song. Explaining how his life has always been a controversial one, his bond with guns strengthened as he went on to achieve more and more success. Sikander’s rap is no less than Sidhu’s fire lines. Sikander Kahlon is known to use heavy words in his lyrics and he has done it again in Rounds and Racks.

Talking about the music of the song, The Kidd has done an amazing job. The beat is unique and one of the most different one yet. It combines classic touch with some modernization and produces the perfect beat for the Racks and Rounds composition. The song is a must-listen for Sidhu and Sikander’s lyrics, both have done a phenomenal job as lyricists.

Overall, Racks and Rounds is one song you are going to savour. Be ready to add this latest banger on your playlists.

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