Raghav Juyal Clarifies After Facing Backlash For Calling A Contestant ‘Momo’, ‘Chinese’

Raghav Juyal is a well-celebrated dancer and of course the most loved anchor in the TV industry. He has presented many dance shows and is now anchoring for Madhuri Dixit judged show ‘Dance Deewane 3’. Everybody is aware of his jolly personality and the way of him presenting the contestants in the shows. But this has currently landed him in unwanted trouble. 

Raghav Juyal was meant to call an Assamese contestant Gunjan Sinha for her performance on the stage. So, for her introduction he stated her by the names as ‘Momo’, ‘Ching Chong’ and ‘Gibberish Chinese’. This video of him saying the monologue got viral and even reached Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. The netizens as well as the CM are criticizing the anchor for his racist remarks in the show. 

Seeing the clip getting viral, Raghav Juyal issued a clarification video on his Instagram account regarding the same. He has given back to the people by saying that before calling him a ‘racist’ people must first see the history and previous episodes related to the statements. “When that Assamese girl came for the audition, she said that she knows Chinese, which was largely gibberish. She would speak this made-up language in the show in jest. And since then we have been talking to her, mentioning her by these words in a funny yet humorous way”.


He also added that this was just a clip from the episode people might see the previous episodes and the context of those words and uploaded a video of the audition. He clarified that his family is in Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland, he was not meant to hurt anybody, it was just a part of script and entertainment. 


Raghav Juyal later apologised to the people in case he has hurt anybody unintentionally and said that he has a special corner in his heart for the North-East people. 

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