Rahul Vaidya Replies After CarryMinati Roasts Bigg Boss 14 And Him In His Latest Video

CarryMinati’s latest youtube video has been all over the internet lately. The youtuber has become one of the biggest in the whole country and his roasts are sure to become news. The content creator made him come back to youtube after almost 2 months with a roast on reality Tv show, Bigg Boss and its contestants.

One of the contestants, Rahul Vaidya seems to have not liked the roasts by Carry. Carry called Rahul a ‘backbencher’ who keeps shying away from tasks. The Bigg Boss fame replied to Carry through a tweet :

With over 30 million youtube subscribers, Carrminati’s audience is huge and his videos are watched all around the world. Rahul Vaidya was very clear with his reply, categorising Carry with people who ‘become famous by badmouthing others’. 

In his tweet, the celebrity said that there are two types of people, one who gains fame through their hard work and others, who gain fame by bad-mouthing others. A very clear shot at Carry who is a roaster and his youtube content is based on it. 

The fans have shown mixed reactions. While some support Rahul Vaidya for coming up with the bold reply to Carry’s comments on him, the others believe that he should have taken the remarks ‘supportingly’. What is you take on the issue?

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