Indian Directors Raj And Dk With Sita Menon Working On A Marvel Film; Details Inside

Raj and DK are the two directors who have made their significant position in the industry with their best of the works. The duo have emerged out to be the most consistent directors of the industry.  Their commendable work includes Farzi, Guns and Gulabs, The Family Man and many more. 

Their upcoming directorial will be Citadel (India) in association with Russo brothers who have directed several Marvel superhero films. 

Now the rumours have been going around the industry that Raj and DK along with their writing partner Sita Menon are writing a film for Marvel.

A source close to the industry as per the Pinkvilla mentioned “Marvel liked the flavor that Raj and DK bring to their stories and had a probable discussion to come on board to create a cool new origin story for a superhero. They have commissioned the responsibility to Raj and DK, who are at present working towards developing this story.” 

It further added “At first, Marvel should like what Raj and DK present. Once the basic draft is green-lit, there will be several writer’s room discussions to enhance the write-up, and only then will the paperwork happen for this feature presentation. Right now, they are commissioned to develop one of the superhero origin ideas.” 

As per the source, not much has been revealed yet. There are just conversations happening at the global level which is why it is difficult to derive any sort of information from it. In the end, the source concluded that “At present, they are writing the film and it’s not known if they will be on board to direct it too.”

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