Rajdip Shoker Gave It Back To The Sidhu Moosewala Fans Who Trolled Her

The new controversy of Rajdip Shoker and Sidhu Moose Wala fans is the currently hottest topic in the Punjabi Industry and on social media as well. While the Moosewala fans are trolling and slamming Rajdip as they believe she didn’t do justice to Moosewala’s song in her show. 

Rajdip is a popular show presenter who is currently hosting a show all about Punjabi songs. And it was the same show that fans targeted recently.

The fans believe Raj spoke negatively about the song and she should not have done this. But after all, this caught the attention of thousands on social media, Raj decided not to stay quiet and raised her voice against the same. 

Raj shared a series of stories on her Instagram account in which she released her statements and gave it back to haters like a boss.

She started by clarifying that she is not a news reporter, and she really respects and has always appreciated the work of Sidhu Moosewala. 

Then she added by explaining a little more about her job and how she has personally met Sidhu and never bragged about it. She also wrote about how she always stood by the farmers, even when her job was on stake. Raj had a lot to say which she did in her Instagram stories.

In conversation with Kiddaan, Raj shared more about the experience and stated,

“Some fan pages of Sidhu Moosewala put a video of me on the song 295 and said I talk bad about Sidhu. It’s this thing that people want you to like whoever they like. I have always stood with every artist be it Sidhu, Jass Bajwa and Ranjit Bajwa. I respect them all but it’s just people need to understand the meaning of being fans and not hate.”

Talking about her experience of being trolled, she also added,

“Pages on social media try to put every girl down even those who don’t do anything wrong. That needs to stop. There are many things these pages can be talking about with the amount of followers they have but there here writing nonsense on a picture with a broken nail. Like can we not have normal lives and have our nails broken by it coming into the door or does it always have to be a dirty thing. The mentality needs to change of these page handlers.”

Raj in various manners, is trying to convey and explain that liking or disliking something is a personal opinion which nobody can comment on. She also expressed her obvious love for Sidhu Moosewala and every other artist of Punjabi Music Industry.

Stories shared on Instagram by Rajdip Shoker:

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