Rakhi Sawant To Undergo Major Surgery, Has A 10 Cm Tumor In Uterus

Rakhi Sawant is in the hospital for the last two days. She was admitted on Tuesday evening after complaining of severe chest pain. Rakhi’s fans, famous for her outspoken statements and strange drama, have been deeply shocked by the sudden deterioration in the health of the actress. 

On Wednesday evening, Rakhi’s ex-husband Ritesh Kumar had said that the condition of the actress is serious and she is undergoing angiography. He also said that Rakhi has a tumor in her uterus. Now Rakhi herself has told about her health.

Rakhi said that her tumor is 10 cm and the doctors are now going to remove it after surgery. 

Rakhi said that she will get well soon and she is not well. Doctors have found a 10 cm tumor in her uterus, the surgery for which will take place on Saturday. She is not able to talk much right now. She further said that Ritesh will keep everybody updated about her health. 

She further added that after her surgery, she will show everybody that tumor also. In the end she said that she is an actor, not a doctor, so she doesn’t know much about all this.

It is said that Rakhi became emotional while saying all this and started crying.

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