Ranbir Kapoor Expresses Desire To Work In Pakistani Films! Attracts BACKLASH

The Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor has faced it all; massive love from fans, superhit & flop movies, backlash, trolling and criticism also. But now, the actor is once again being badly criticized for a statement that he recently released during the Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia. Ranbir Kapoor in a conversation stated that he would love to work in Pakistani movies, and the statement has attracted massive backlash towards him. 

During the event, an audience member asked Ranbir Kapoor, “Now we have a platform like Saudi Arabia where we can jointly do films, I would love to sign you for a film. Would you be willing to work with the Pakistani team along with your team in Saudi Arabia?”

And in response to the question, Ranbir Kapoor talked about the massive success of the recently released Pakistani movie ‘The Legend Of Maula Jatt’. While praising the Fawad Khan starrer, Ranbir Kapoor also said that he would love to work on a project like this and congratulated the Pakistani Film Industry for the success of Maula Jatt. 

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Ranbir said, “Of course sir. I think there are no boundaries for artists, especially for arts. Many congratulations to the Pakistan film industry for (The Legend Of) Maula Jatt. It is one of the biggest hits that we have seen in the last few years. Of course, I would love to.”

But Ranbir’s statement did not really land well with Indian fans on the internet. The Barfi actor is being badly criticized and bashed for his statement. While some people on the internet are calling him an anti-national, others are asking the star to shift to Pakistan with his family. 

Have a look at some viral tweets expressing public outrage against Ranbir Kapoor’s recent statement;  

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Ranbir Kapoor has not reacted or addressed the backlash yet. Apart from this, the star is also making headlines for the soon-to-be-announced title of his upcoming romantic-comedy movie with Shraddha Kapoor.

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