Ranjit Bawa Announced The Release Date Of LOUD Full Album

Ranjit Bawa Announced The Release Date Of LOUD Full Album

Ranjit Bawa who is a well known artist of Punjabi Industry is currently busy with releasing his latest album ‘LOUD’. Ranjit has already released two songs from the album; title track and Ghungru which has earned great response from the fans. And it was only recently when Ranjit had shared the official tracklist of his album.

Ranjit Bawa reveals the track list of his forthcoming album ‘LOUD’

And now, Ranjit Bawa has also revealed the release date of his entire album. He took it to his Instagram account where he shared a story and wrote,


LOUD is Ranjit Bawa’s third album and we must say that it’s doing a tremendous job till now. The album will include a total of 8 songs, and as already mentioned two of them have been released already. You can check out their reviews here;

LOUD Review: Ranjit Bawa Knows The Trick To Get You On The Dancing Floors

After the release of these superhit tracks, Ranjit Bawa kept his fans engaged with regular updates and glimpse of his upcoming songs.

We and all his fans are eagerly waiting for the release of LOUD and we are sure it’s going to be at par with our expectations. 

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