Ranjit Bawa Announces The Next Track, Ghungru, From His Album ‘LOUD’

Ranjit Bawa Announces The Next Track, Ghungru, From His Album ‘LOUD’

Ranjit Bawa is all ready to drop the second track from his album ‘Loud’. In this year of albums, Ranjit Bawa also decided to make his fair contribution by dropping LOUD. Almost a month ago, the artist dropped the opening track of the album titled ‘Loud’. And now, the second song has also been announced. The first look was also shared through social media.


Releasing officially through music label Speed Records, the song is a duet with one of the most reputed female singers of the industry, Gurlez Akhtar. The lyrics have been written by Rony Anjali and Gill Machhrai, who have also composed the song.

The music of the song has been produced by the most popular producers of the Industry, Desi Crew. Tru Makers have directed the video for the song. The official release date has not been revealed by Ranjit Bawa or the makers of the song, but it is expected to be released soon.

It will be the second song from the album LOUD by Ranjit Bawa. Loud is Ranjit’s 3rd album in the Punjabi music industry and its opening track has made a statement already. The track titled ‘Loud’ has garnered over 14 million views on Youtube within 4 weeks of its release.

The same magic is expected to be delivered by the jodi of Ranjit Bawa and Gurlez Akhtar in Ghungru. Both the artists are blessed with some of the strongest and the most unique voices in Punjabi music. We are waiting for Ghungru to be officially released and win over our hearts. 

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